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Re: Garage Door Closing Rule - Is this possible?


Garage Door Closing Rule - Is this possible?

Can someone help me create a rule that


Intent: "Between 9pm and 4am if my garage door "open" for 10 minutes..then close it" and send me a notification that you closed it.


a. Thinking I could have a rule that says when it is open, delay 10 minutes then close it.

b.  or maybe look at the garage door sensor, and if it is open...for 10 minutes then close it.


Seems like this should be possible.  I only want this to happen late at night as we've now had several issues with disbled older child going in and out when we are asleep and leaving it open all night....  I have a rule with the front door where it automatically locks the door 2 minutes after it is opened...so thinking of applying the same thing.


But so far I can't figure out how to do it.  The only Chat Session I had said this is not possible.


Does anyone know how to do this?  Feels like it should be possible, and should be a scenerio that is supported by AT&T Digital Life for any device.


Thanks for any help.



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‎09-09-2016 10:05 PM

Re: Garage Door Closing Rule - Is this possible?

Yeah, you should be able to set it up just like you did for the front door. This is how it would look when set up correctly.


The following will happen

1. Garage Door Controller will Close

2. and Send notifiaction to XXX-XXX-XXXX



3. Garage Door Tilt Sensor is Open for 10 min

4. Between the hours of 9PM and 4AM and the days are every day.

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Re: Garage Door Closing Rule - Is this possible?

Yep, it worked great, and is doing exactly what I wanted.  I even extended the hours to another timeslot I have issue with, and it did frustrate some living in the house, but I see it as way to make sure it's not forgotten!  I'll let it ride for another few weeks and see what else I can do to improve. 



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