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I have an iphone 6s and its time for my upgrade. i have the 6gb plan with a contract. if i upgrade to an iphone 7 PLUS how much more do i have to pay ??
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‎01-05-2017 4:04 PM

Re: upgrade

@josefa_jaimes More?  That's a little tricky since you didn't tell us what you are paying...


So my answer is $5 a month!
If you are still paying for 6s (and it's 16GB) it's cost you $5 a month more for the iPhone 7 32GB plus.

I'll assume you're on Next Every Year since that phone hasn't even been out 16 months? 



$5 is the 24 month price difference between a base iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Storage upgrades will be just over $4 or $8 a month depending on 128GB or 256GB.




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