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turning off, or stopping, iphone4 ipod?


turning off, or stopping, iphone4 ipod?


Is there a way *stop* playing a song on the iphone4 ipod? It seems the only way to stop a song from playing after I'm done listening to music is to pause the song by tapping on pause. This might be splitting hairs, but it bugs me a bit that I can't tap on a stop button when I'm done with the ipod.


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Re: turning off, or stopping, iphone4 ipod?

You can always force kill the iPod app by double tapping the home button, then pressing and holding the iPod icon until the minus sign appears and tapping the minus sign to force kill.


But seriously... what's wrong with pausing it?  There is no stop button on the iPod or iPhone.  Pause serves the same function.

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Re: turning off, or stopping, iphone4 ipod?

I guess it's my "old school" mentality of using real mechanical music players...I would never stop a cassette player or CD player by just pressing the pause button, that would drain the battery! Smiley Happy



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Re: turning off, or stopping, iphone4 ipod?

I also have a problem with the iPod application not being off. Before I started streaming radio through my iPhone4 I didn't care much, I just hit pause. But now when I try to stream the radio through the iPhone the iPod song I have paused bleeds into the stream. I am using the Bluetooth on the iPhone to stream through my car radio. I tried kill the application as you suggested put it did not work. Do you have another suggestion on how to kill the iPod app?
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