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iphone email sent but not received

iphone email sent but not received

3GS  ios5.1.1


The Apple mail app shows e-mail messages are being sent but NONE are being received.  I have sent dozens of test messages to a wide variety of e-mail addresses and not a single one is being received


The last message I sent and can verify was received was sent on Oct 7, 2012


Apple Tech support, on Saturday Oct 20 2012, told me this problem has been reported  by mabny customers since Wednesday Oct 17, 2012 but they had no fix. 


I have turned my network connections on/off and have done a hard reset on the phone


I have connected to a WiFi net to send messages rather that use ATT net and have the same problem


Any suggestions?

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Re: iphone email sent but not received

What email provider are you using, and what are your outgoing mail settings?
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Re: iphone email sent but not received - Solved!

Talked to AT&T - they knew all about my problem of the iPhone thinking it sent the e-mail but nobody gets them
They had me delete my e-mail account on the iPhone and then Add a new account - it required two button touches and ten seconds to accomplish
Fixed the problem!
AT&T says something happens to my account settings in the iPhone - they all look correct but the iPhone does not handle the send correctly. Deleting and Adding fixes it.
ATT said this is an old problem that they and Apple have often discussed but Apple will not acknowledge it and will not provide the Delete/Add fix to their tech support menus so when a customer like me calls Apple Support they are not told about the easy and quick fix
The more I deal with the iPhone - the more I am impressed with the Arrogance of Apple
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Re: iphone email sent but not received - Solved!

When I send text message the can't be read, they are in chineses

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