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iphone 2am unauthorized data usage


iphone 2am unauthorized data usage

Beginning on June 16, my original iphone began transmitting 2+MB of data "internet/MEdia Net" at 2 am every morning. Prior to this, my records show a daily data transmission at that time in the range of 8-50KB.


I changed to the 200MB plan when I upgraded to iphone 4 on June 24 and have begun monitoring data - that is how i discovered this escalation in data use. Both existing and new iphones are always on wi-fi at 2am. On 6/25, this 2am data usage jumped to 5MB, so I have switched off cell data altogether.


What is going on? At this rate, my iphone will use all 200MB of data in a month with these 2 am data uploads. I saw complaints about this on the Apple forum with no solution provided by ATT.


For 2 1/2 years, with my original iphone, I used an average of 30-50MB of data per month, so I was quite comfortable signing up for the 200MB plan. 


Is ATT going to fix this problem? 



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Re: iphone Am unauthorized data usage

johninsj wrote:


This is indeed my last post here (hold your applause until the end) but I just want to point out that just because someone disagrees with you, it does not make them an AT&T/Apple shill or apologist.



Agreed, but when a significant percentage of the responses are along the lines of "It's not AT&T's fault you just don't know what you're doing/you're wrong/etc." It gets extremely frustrating and makes that person appear to be at best an apologist, or at worse a shill.

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Re: iphone 2am unauthorized data usage

Ok I need to chme in here. I read this when I first got my Iphone 4 and shut my data down manualy and only used WIFI connection at home and local hot spots from time to time. My son has an IPOD touch and we are always loooking for local free hotspots so he can get on line with his device. I watched my usage and would turn my 3G data on only to update my VOICE MAIL and TEXT MESSEGES once and a while. I started to use my Iphone with my I HOME Alarm clock using Pandora to wake up. So after a while of watching to make sure my useage was not out of control and my phone not complaining about internet access while at work with no WIFI I chose to start leaving on my 3G. That month it was not to bad but this last month I started to see a lot of Data usage. This last month I was pushed over the limit and was not happy! the reason I was not happy was that I would request usage update using my Phone to text *3282# Ok this helped to keep an eye on usage. Got my warning at 65% of Data Plan on OCT 1 at 7:01 A.M. Then at OCT 5th @ 9:13 A.M. I checked my usage because I had till the 8th before Bill next Bill Cycle and my text indicated 148.3 of 200. Ok I have some space left to be able to leave my data on. On that same day OCT 5th @ 11:23 I get messege showing I went over 200MB I woke up to this messege and sent text and now it showed 205.7 out of 200. Smiley Sad I then call AT&T and confirmed a couple of things!

Per AT&T CSR Tier 1 and 2

#1 Data usage is not up to date when I send a text to *3282#

#2 My phone will switch over to 3G while in Sleep mode.

#3 Information from 3rd party data usage will not update untill info is gathered by AT&T.


So all in all I will start to shut down my Data when I am in using WIFI so if Apple or AT&T can not gather my info or control my device to gateway out I will not incure usage not intended my myself on the 3G network.


I would suggest someone to come up with an app that we can install on the Iphone or any other Smartphone to gather any Data usage in real time with Timestamp so that we can make sure are not sending any info we do not want to send or we are not getting ripped off! 

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Re: iphone 2am unauthorized data usage

Got off another call with ATT and the sad fact is that you are going to have to pay for system updates, all the little checks and pestery data checking that is going to happen all day. Yes there are 'aggregated' charges from various networks that get tallied, but there are other data transfers that the system is going to charge you for that you didn't request.


I also had the overall total size of those late night transfers reduce dramatically when I switched to the 2Gb plan but that was primarily because I was spending all my time switching between 3g/Cell data on and off every time I went into my house, then to the car, then to school, back to the car, or to the cafe.


This is sad and ridiculous. The Customer service staffer actually said that I am paying for data services and in order to provide me with a working phone, the updates are necessary. This is another stupid thing to tell a customer.


ATT is providing me the service and has the responsibility to work with the hardware supplier (Apple) to ensure that the agreement I signed jives with the agreement I was told that I had. When any typical user is offered 200Mb and knows their own habits and agrees to purchase 200Mb, how is it appropriate for ATT to knowingly charge me for system updates, upgrades and other aspects of phone use that other carriers offer for free?


My phone using data without my permission is just wrong. Telling me that I need to pay for my data and ATT's data is insulting. Pointing the finger at Apple and claiming that ATT's hands are tied is also pretty poor customer service.


I'm on the verge of taking the early termination fine and just leaving, but it also requires me to pay the rest of the iPhone's retail cost (which I might not mind IF it was unlocked like the Euro one's)


Also being told to put my phone in airplane mode, turn it off, etc. is infuriating. Why do I have to miss calls in order to avoid getting charged for data I don't want?


ATT should not be charging me to transfer data that Apple initiates. I pay ATT for a working network. I agreed to pay a certain amount for data that I use. There was NOTHING in my agreement notifying me that at random times of the day ATT and or Apple would be downloading things at MY EXPENSE and keeping track of all my private behavior besides.


The "Use of Data" clause is vague enough to cover this stuff, true, but there is another common sense standard that needs to be established.


ATT can technically differentiate what is traffic I request and what is put on me by Apple. Apple knows what data they transfer and why. So a little math will indicate what traffic I actually request. This is the amount I should be charged for.


If it is too hard for ATT to figure out, they should average it and credit me that amount of traffic.


I'm SICK of getting shafted at just under my financial tolerance.


I'm well into an emotional tolerance level however, and the sad truth is that most people will spend the extra few dollars/month for a 2G plan and be 'pleasantly surprised' when these data transfers suddenly decrease precipitously. This is about as sheisty and disturbing as things can be.


I'm telling everyone I know to wait for the Verizon iPhone or better yet, go to Sprint's 'unlimited plan' an a different phone with a better UI.


ATT rep calmly informed me that he would bring it up in their next meeting.


I got a new bill with a 2G data charge on it.


I will not get another discount or credit this month. Or next month. If I go back to the 200Mb plan it will go over again, pretty much guaranteed.


It really sucks to be left without recourse. The iPhone just isn't worth this much money/month. It isn't THAT incredible. I can't expand the memory (a fairly typical thing) or attach a photo to an email I started (Duh, Jobs!).


To fix many things requires downgrading and jailbreaking in a way that I cannot do on this phone anyhow.



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Re: iphone 2am unauthorized data usage


omimo wrote:

Also being told to put my phone in airplane mode, turn it off, etc. is infuriating. Why do I have to miss calls in order to avoid getting charged for data I don't want?



Why would you put the phone in airplane mode just to stop using cellular data?  That is just silly.

If you were on iPhone OS 3.x or older, I could understand it.

In iOS4.x, go to Settings > General > Network > Cellular Data and set it to OFF.

You can leave this off permanently, granted you will not be able to send/receive MMS messages or use Visual VoiceMail, but otherwise the phone works perfectly fine.


If/When you want to use cellular data, it is a very simple process to turn it back on.





omimo wrote:
I can't expand the memory (a fairly typical thing) or attach a photo to an email I started (Duh, Jobs!).


To fix many things requires downgrading and jailbreaking in a way that I cannot do on this phone anyhow.




There has never been any expectation that one could expand the memory of the iPhone, that's why it comes in two capacities and you select the one you are willing to pay for.


As for attaching a photo to an email, you certainly can do that by copying and pasting the pic into the email.


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Re: iphone 2am unauthorized data usage

AT&T has been no help.  After escalating it one level, my call was dropped.  Ironic.  After calling back, explaining it again and escalating it again I finally received a call back from a supervisor...who was no help.  I was told I would receive a call from her supervisor, never happened.  Anyway, worthless bunch of troubleshooting suggestions and wasted time drove me to get creative.


Here is the solution I came up with this problem.


My wife has an HTC Aria (I know, not an iPhone) and had serious data usage at strange hours when we clearly were not using it.  She has a habit of never deleting her emails, nor creating folders to file them.  As a result, she had 10k+ emails in her inbox.  Since her phone was configured to sync to her Hotmail account, the phone was struggling to transfer the data.  I finally came to this realization, asked her to clean up her inbox, and like more data usage issues.  Maybe this has already been covered and it may or may not be your problem...but check your email.


Good luck,



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REASON FOR iphone data usage in the wee hours

I noticed this problem on my first iPhone, about 2 years ago. Calls to both ATT and APPLE were inconclusive. The data usage while I was sleeping came back to my attention while reading about Googles latest problems with ANDROID security being so lax.


I spoke with ATT customer service this morning, she had the answer. This is a rather simple thing, but kind of complicated to explain. When you use data over 3g, lets say watching a movie from NETFLIX, you have a open data connection. After watching the movie, and closing the app, that data connection is still there. The phone continues to have a connection to the internet, although it isnt active. Its just in a ready to use state, so you can have instant access again. Same with opening a webpage, or reading email, once a connection is established it stays connected, unless forced to close. Force closing the apps, powering off the phone, or disabling data over 3g all end that connection.


Note, you can have a connection, without data being sent. This is the important thing to understand here. You potentionally could have a data connection all day long, with data only being sent once in a while, either watching movies or just checking email. Now for the answer you've been waiting for. What is this unusally large chunk of data I see almost everynight, usually when im asleep? Hang on, getting to that.


ATT needs to collect your data useage, everyday. For technical reasons, they cant do it while you have an open data connection. So, often late at night, ATT forcibly closes the data connection. If your phone is actively using the connection at the time, no biggie, it just reconnects, and you never even knew it happened. This allows the collection of data usage. If you look close at your usage, you will most likely see some days with a lot of small data usage reporting, and some days with fewer, but bigger usage reports.


I only have the techs word on this. She didnt sound like she was tap dancing at all. She did an excellent job explaining it. I figure to test this out, and know for sure, is to turn off 3G data usage as soon as i go to bed. I'm usually going to bed at 11pm every night, and if suddenly i get a lot of high usage showing up at 11pm every night, then I know for sure, whats going on.

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