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Re: iPhone upgrade swap question


iPhone upgrade swap question

My phone (a dumbphone) is still under contract,  but my dad's phone (iPhone 4) is not. What steps do I have to go through to use my dad's upgrade option to upgrade to an iPhone 5 but then switch it to my number afterwards, so that he keeps his iPhone 4 with all its information and then I can use the iPhone 5? Is it just a simple phone call to AT&T? Or do we have to go to an AT&T store? I'd rather not have to go to a store because my dad doesn't like going out of his way to do things...

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: iPhone upgrade swap question

It is something that is easiest done at a store, but it's not completely impossible to do other ways.  First off, your dad would order his upgrade to an iPhone 5 (locking him into another 2 year contract).  After it arrives, he doesn't need to activate it on his account, but you will need account information to activate it later.  Next, you will need to contact AT&T to have them replace the phone on your account with an iPhone.  This will mean adding a data plan to your phone line, and possible several other changes.  When this is done, you will need to get a nano-SIM for the iPhone 5 with your phone number/accoutn inforation.  This part is most easily done at an AT&T corporate store, but as long as you are an authorized person on the account, you can do this part yourself without your dad being there.  There have been some people who have called AT&T customer service and had the new iPhone shipped with a SIM card for a phone that was not eligible for the upgrade, so you can try this as well.  This would be the best soution in you dad's eyes, but keep in mind that if anything does go wrong, you may need to go into an AT&T corporate store to get it fully resolved.

Jerry B.


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Re: iPhone upgrade swap question

Thanks! I am an authorized user on the account, so if I understand you correctly I can go to the AT&T store by myself and have the switch done? Do I need to bring my dad's phone with me (I guess he'd be without a phone for a day?)

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Re: iPhone upgrade swap question

Order it online. When you receive it do nothing. Call AT&T and tell them what you want to do. They will be able to match the sims to the correct phone number and phone.

Make sure you do NOT activate the new phone when you get it. If you do it will deactivate the sim in your dads phone then you'll have to get a new sim.
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