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iPhone upgrade but switching phones


iPhone upgrade but switching phones

I currently have an LG CU515, my wife has an LG C1500.  I have upgraded her line to an iPhone, but want to keep that for myself and give her my old LG.  I haven't received the iPhone yet.  What do I need to do to end up with the iPhone as my line and the LG CU515 as hers?
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Re: iPhone upgrade but switching phones

When you get the iPhone, place your SIM card in the iPhone and her her SIM card in the phone your giving your wife.


Call customer service and have them add the iPhone data plan to your line and remove the iPhone data plan from her line.


At that point there will not be any data plan on her phone (it will go back to pay-per-use).  If you wanted her to have a data plan on her phone you will need have customer service add one back at that time.

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