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iPhone in New York


iPhone in New York

Hi there,


I am going to visit New York in June and I am wondering what the best plan to put my iPhone on.

I would like it to be pre paid as I will be there for five nights and would like to be able to use data on my phone.

Does AT&T have micro sims? and what is the best pre paid data plan for my iPhone?





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Re: iPhone in New York

AT&T does have micro-sims, but does not support pre-paid data for the iPhone.
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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: iPhone in New York

As said above, AT&T doesn't support the iPhone on their prepaid service but they also don't stop customers from using it either. I purchased a Micro Sim for my iPhone 4 to use on prepaid and just called customer care to transfer the prepaid account to the new sim card. Using your iPhone for texting and calling will work fine on prepaid, however you are going to have to change the APN settings on the iPhone in order to get prepaid data services working, or you can just use WiFi where available.
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