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iPhone XS Dual Sim support

iPhone XS Dual Sim support

What is the point in promoting the Dual Sim Dual Standby feature on the at&t iPhone XS product page when the majority of iPhone users on the at&t network won't be able to take advantage of it because it is carrier locked? I have an international sim that I want to be able to use on my iPhone XS Max but I won't be able to since I'm on an EIP. If at&t and apple are as creative by creating activation servers and activation locks on their phones to prevent people who haven't paid off their phone from using it with other carriers or prevent people from using stolen iphones, they should be as creative in finding a way in order to allow people who are in EIP's to be able to use the full features of the phones they sell while maintaining all of their featured security features like the carrier lock. What is the purpose of buying a new iphone if it's groundbreaking feature will not be able to be utilized by the consumer? I bought the iphone xs max thinking that i will be able to insert the physical sim of the international sim. I bought it with the idea that i will no longer have to be carrying around two phones. Two iPhones to be exact. My personal and primary which is the XS max that is activated on at&t and an iphone 5 that has the international sim from that other country. No more carrying around two phones, no more carrying around two sets of chargers for the phones. I thought the iPhone XS Max was going to solve those problems. Sad to say that att and apple just disappoint even if their innovations sounds awesome and groundbreaking.

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Re: iPhone XS Dual Sim support

The issue would be with AT&T, not Apple.  Apple just makes the phones with certain features.  Whether carriers choose to implement or restrict features that Apple designs into their phone is the choice of the carrier.  People have the choice to avoid the issues by buying unlocked phones through Apple, or to choose carriers that better enable or less restrict features Apple designed into their phones.  A business client has the same choices to make on where to buy the phones and what carriers to use as an individual.

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Re: iPhone XS Dual Sim support

Or buy the phone out right?  I mean APPLE even had it on the support page the phone would have to be unlocked for dual sim to work.  If you need it that bad pay off the phone or next time use APPLE's financing program.

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Re: iPhone XS Dual Sim support

Very true. about apples financing plan. I was just researching it. and it comes unlocked. Thanks. 

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