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iPhone X Pre-Order Issues


iPhone X Pre-Order Issues

i stay up all night and i keep getting redirected to the att page not the pre order page. i am beyond angry. i want my iphone.

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Trying to order iPhoneX

trying to upgrade/ pre-order iPhoneX for my daughter all was great last night, woke up at 2AM to do this, now saying he phone isn't eligible to upgrade?!!. I had everything ready! it was all fine last night come on ATT!!

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I wake up at THREE IN THE MORNING to preorder iPhone x. Get out in line, fine. Wait 20 mins in line, fine. GET BOOTED AS SOON AS IT SAYS REDIRECTING TO WEBSITE?! Not fine, ATT. Fix this now. Where's my iPhone?

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Upgrade was there before 2am CST now missing

Where did my upgrade go? woke up at 2am cst to pre order the iphone 10 now i cant.

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Not able to pre-order iphone X

 I woke up early this morning to order the iPhone X, and after waiting about 15 minutes after 2am CT I FINALLY was able to log on ONLY not to be able to finish the pre-order process due to the site not loading my payment option.  SMH...


You have successfully p'd off a loyal customer.

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iPhone X preorder queue

I waited in queue, was redirected to att website and from website was redirected back to queue.  After going through this same cycle a few times, received message that att having difficulty finding my place in queue and reset my place in line.  What the?!?!  

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Community Support


Hi @Patrofl,


We understand the excitement around ordering the new iPhone X and we want to help anyway we can to accommodate ordering of the new iPhone X. So we can look into this further, please send a private message to @ATTCares and include your name, account number, and best contact number with time frame to call should we need to for this order.


We appreciate your business and look forward to getting this addressed for your service.


Jared, AT&T Community Specialist

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iPhone X upgrade fail

I was just waiting for close to 30 minutes to pre-order an iPhone X. My time finally comes, the site kept trying to redirect me, and failed. The "Try Again" option kept taking me back to the AT&T home page, and clicking the pre-order link rolled me back to the same error - it was having trouble finding my place in line. I tried starting fresh, and would get that same message. Logging on with a different browser started me over in queue - for 32 minutes, which. I woke up to do this, my girlfriend got hers done quickly on the Apple Store, and I'm really (probably foolishly) hoping that I'm not just getting strung along again...
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iPhone X won't let me select installment plan

I'm attempting to change my payment from full to monthly but when it click the link it just redirects to payment in full amount

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Re: iPhone X upgrade fail

I had similar issues and right after having that issue I switched to pc. My time came up and all was fine except then my device which was previously eligible to upgrade got greyed out as ineligible.. I went back to my upgrade status again and this time it showed I could pay off but not trade in my device.... waited a bit went back to upgrade eligibility and what do ya know I was able to trade in. That took me to the normal recommended devices page and I went to the iPhone x selected color and size and went to checkout and for some reason my stored cc info wasn’t working so I had to go get my purse and put it all in manually.. finally that went through and somehow through all of that issue and not being done until 12:30 I was able to get a November 3rd date but I’m pretty irritated at the process too.

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