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iPhone X Pre-Order Cancelled


iPhone X Pre-Order Cancelled

I stayed up to pre-order an iPhone X, created a new account with AT&T, and was confirmed to receive the phone Nov 3. Today around noon, I received an email telling me the order was cancelled. I called into AT&T and first was told the sale department can't help, so I need to call the e-commerce department, then the e-commerce department told me I had to go to a store, then the store manager told me it's because they "couldn't contact me for a few days", which is not possible as I did this last night, and he told me to call customer service.


Is there any accountability at this company? This has never happened to me with other carriers, can't believe AT&T doesn't want new business.

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Re: iPhone X Pre-Order Cancelled - No Reason Provided

I am so glad that I am not the only one that experienced this problem and I have to say this may have been the worst possible service anyone could have experienced. Not only did I get tossed around from one customer service to another, no-one could explain the reasoning behind why my order was cancelled. 

At one point I was chatting with a customer service representative on the phone and was being transferred for the 3rd time, they actually ended up making me wait on the phone for 15 minutes only to be transferred to a Spanish speaking representative. Unbelievable.... 

Then here is the kicker, I decided to see if chatting with someone would help and I asked for someone to call me to get this issue resolved. aroudn 3 minutes later, I received a phone call from an unknown number and picked up. This person claiming to be from AT&T and said he would help fix all my issues. During the call I heard outside noises, which concerned me. He then started to ask a basic list of questions about my name, phone number, etc. At that point he asked me for my Driver License number (at that point was starting to get suspicious). He then put me on hold, I would have assumed some background music would play but I was just on mute. He then asked for my account number and credit card information. At that point I hung up confused due to additional background car noises. I still don't know what happened here... This still confuses me and am guarding my credit card statement to see any activities of fraud. 


So then contacted another Customer service and told them my concern about that call and wanted to see if there was any record. GUESS WHAT?? No one knew about that call and could not tell me who called me!!!!! WHAT in the world happened? Someone give me some answers!


Since then I have called a couple more time and have not had any luck without reasoning to why my order got cancelled. This has been by far the worst and confusing experience. 

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Order keeps getting cancelled, support keep asking me to reorder and no one seems to have a clue.

This is the third time my order was cancelled with a "identity could not be verified" email. I have contacted support chat 4+ times and spent hours calling 4+ numbers. Everyone I have contacted so far including the eCom department say everything is fine and the order will go through but nope. I need a phone asap but have spent 4 days on this already. I stayed up until 3 to order an iphone X yesterday. Don't tell me I go back in the queue. I am happy to share the order number for all 3 previous order that were cancelled with very little explanation. 

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Don't Want Your Order Cancelled?

As another user has already stated, I stayed up until almost 2am PST to pre-order an iPhone X. I received confirmation that my phone would arrive on 11/03. When I awoke a few hours later, I received an alert from AT&T that I needed to call or my order would be cancelled. I called and spoke with a rep who said I could ignore the alert. A couple hours later I received another notification, this time by email, stating that I needed to contact AT&T by a certain date or my order would be cancelled. I called again. This time the rep said I needed to cancel my original order and reprocess it, but that I would still maintain the original ship date. After cancelling and reordering the phone (now with 2 charges to my bank account), the shipping date moved to 12/18. I contacted AT&T again. I was told to call a sales rep...again. I called and AT&T couldn't even find my new order. The agent said he needed to go to his back office to find the order. After 30 minutes on the phone, I was disconnected...again. I have spent nearly 2 hours on the phone with AT&T today, in total. I have yet to receive a resolution to this problem. I am very close to cancelling all orders and switching carriers. This has been one of the most frustrating consumer experiences I've ever had. I do not want to do business with a company that would allow a client to be passed around so many times without resolution. This is next level incompetence and I'm to the point of walking away.

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iPhone X Order Cancelled?

What is going on? I called AT&T and they say there is SPAM email going out about this. Are these issues real or not?


Got this in one email.


Thank you for your recent order!

We're sorry. We couldn't complete your order. Call us at the number below as soon as possible so we can get your order back on track. 


Then this one a second email.


We canceled your order as you asked. Don't worry. We didn't charge your card for this purchase. If there was a hold on your card, we'll release the funds soon. 

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Re: iPhone X Order Cancelled?

Found this on Reddit.


They said it had to do with how the AT&T next upgrade service works. Basically what the lady said on the phone was that the order was cancelled due to their system not being able to override the upgrade eligibility.

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AT&T canceled both my 2 iPhone X Preorders

I'm not sure if anyone can help me here. I placed two iPhone X preorders right from the start. They both went through and I got an estimated delivery of November 3rd. Fast forward twelve hours, I get an email from AT&T that both my preorders have been canceled. Now the estimated delivery is mid December. Anyone in my shoes have any luck having AT&T match their initial estimated delivery date? I should have ordered through Apple. Thanks!

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Re: AT&T canceled both my 2 iPhone X Preorders

According to different tech magazines, Apple is having a severe production shortage for the iPhone X.  This is affecting all carriers.  Meanwhile there is an overproduction of 8 models.  


Supposedly it will be many months before supply meets demand.  

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Re: AT&T canceled both my 2 iPhone X Preorders

They cancelled my order too. I got an email stating that the order couldn't be completed. Then another email shortly thereafter stating that they cancelled my order as requested. I never requested this. The eComm dept. Customer Service is horrible. One the phone with them for 2 hours and they don't know what is going on. So now my ship date is pushed back to November because someone there cancelled my order that I supposedly wanted cancelled. Ridiculous. I heard it was better to order directly from Apple. People who ordered from Apple have not received cancellation emails as we are. 

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Re: iPhone X Pre-Order Cancelled - No Reason Provided

I had the same issue. No one knew anything. They just wanted to help me place another order and now I have a December estimated date of when I'll get the phone. It's ridiculous. 


First Email: We're sorry. We couldn't complete your order. Call us at the number below as soon as possible so we can get your order back on track.


Second Email: We canceled your order as you asked. Don't worry. We didn't charge your card for this purchase. If there was a hold on your card, we'll release the funds soon. 



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Re: iPhone X Order Cancelled?

They screwed me over too. Woke up and got my pre order in, then received word that my order was cancelled. Called customer service 4 times for a total time of 3.5 hours and they could never help me out, nor offer any kind of compensation for my time.

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