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Re: iPhone X Pre-Order Cancelled - No Reason Provided


iPhone X Pre-Order Cancelled

I stayed up to pre-order an iPhone X, created a new account with AT&T, and was confirmed to receive the phone Nov 3. Today around noon, I received an email telling me the order was cancelled. I called into AT&T and first was told the sale department can't help, so I need to call the e-commerce department, then the e-commerce department told me I had to go to a store, then the store manager told me it's because they "couldn't contact me for a few days", which is not possible as I did this last night, and he told me to call customer service.


Is there any accountability at this company? This has never happened to me with other carriers, can't believe AT&T doesn't want new business.

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Re: Don't Want Your Order Cancelled?

Good Thursday afternoon @Civilchaos2103!

I apologize you are having so much trouble with your iPhone pre-order.  This is very upsetting.  Let me see how I can offer some assistance.

Please send a private message to @ATTCares.  In this communiqué be sure to include your full name, order number, time zone, and the best time to reach you.  I will take a look at your current order and see what needs to be done to straighten this issue out.

Thank you for participating in the Community Forums and have a super weekend!

Anthony, AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: Don't Want Your Order Cancelled?

Hi @Civilchaos2103!


I see you received a reply from AT&T, I hope the rest of us do as well!  I just sent a pvt msg, so we will see.


Enjoy your new iPhone!

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Re: Don't Want Your Order Cancelled?

I sent a private message too. Hopefully they wil not only respond but fix what is their fault.

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Re: Don't Want Your Order Cancelled?

Haha, well said, I hope they fix their egregious "error" too and just deliver on what they, AT&T, promised!

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Re: iPhone X Pre-Order Cancelled - No Reason Provided

I spoke to my local AT&T business rep today about the issue. He told me there was nothing he could do to fix the situation and was unwilling to reach out to a local AT&T store to solve the problem. I've spent over twelve hours on the phone now with reps from AT&T and Apple. Neither party is willing to honor the 11/3 reservation I was given...in writing...twice. The email says "We've set aside an iPhone for you." Ridiculous. Both of you. Shame.



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Re: iPhone X Pre-Order Cancelled - No Reason Provided


Hey @danieljromine


Wow, that ridiculous does AT&T not have any shame?!?  There is just no possible way this could be an error on AT&T's behalf…  HONEST companies ADMIT their MISTAKES, CORRECT THEIR MISTAKES, and PUT IN PLACE NEW PROCESSES so the mistakes do not occur in the future.  I feel your disgust.


This just in today as published in WSJ...  

I voiced my concern (address below) with FTC... MONEY is the only thing that is sacred to AT&T…


U.S. Weighs Suit Against AT&T's Deal for Time Warner


The Justice Department is actively considering a lawsuit to challenge AT&T's planned acquisition of Time Warner, according to people familiar with the matter.


The department's antitrust division is preparing for litigation in case it decides to sue to block the deal, these people said. Simultaneously, the department and the companies are discussing possible settlement terms that would lead to the deal--valued at $85 billion when it was announced last year--winning government approval with conditions attached. The two sides, however, aren't yet close to an agreement, the people said. The outcome could go either way and the timing of any decision remains uncertain, the people said.


FTC Complaint Assistant: www. ftccomplaintassistant. gov




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Re: Don't Want Your Order Cancelled?

Well, we went to our local ATT store today. The experience continued. The store representative did not care about the ordeal we had been through and said there was nothing she could do for us.

My wife and I woke up at 245am est and began to use the Att iOS mobile app. After waiting in que and then having that fail several times we finally went onto the Att website and received confirmation at 400am that our order was placed and would be delivered November 3. Then at 800am I received an email explaining that my order was pending and I had to call. Thad when the nightmare really began. I cannot believe that Att would treat a long time customer this way.

Today was the icing on the cake. #shameshame
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Re: iPhone X Pre-Order Cancelled - No Reason Provided

Thank you for this I plan to file a complaint with fcc as well
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Re: iPhone X Pre-Order Cancelled - No Reason Provided

It used to be that companies actually valued, respected and worked hard to EARN longterm customers, I see in both of our situations, AT&T has demonstrated a flagrant disregard for their customers.  Shame.




Untitled 33.pngLoyalty pays? Not so at AT&T.



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Re: iPhone X Pre-Order Cancelled - No Reason Provided

How to File Consumer Complaints Against ATT Wireless
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