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iPhone X Ordered! Let the countdown begin!


iPhone X Ordered! Let the countdown begin!

Give your order specs, estimated delivery date, and where you ordered from. Let's keep each other updated on our order progress.

SPECS: iPhone X, 256GB, Silver (GSM) AT&T
DELIVERS: 03 Nov, 2017 by Standard Shipping
ORDERED: Directly through the Apple website


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iPhone X ripoff

I have the Every Next plan. As most of you know, that plan was unavailable for upgrades when the X was released. I somehow managed to upgrade one of my two devices on my account. When I upgraded the second the next morning, I received confirmation emails for both orders - one for Nov 3, the other for Dec. 18. I called up and spoke to Customer Care, who assured me I would have nothing to worry about, and he guaranteed both would be delivered on Nov. 3. I followed up today only to find out that the AT&T Rep lied, and I have to wait another month for my second device. What gives? Is this how we do customer service now? Lie to our customers just to shut them up?

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Re: in process

As the asker, I probably should have gotten the ball rolling:


Got the "we're good to go email" Friday (10/27) at about 6:30PT and as of right now: "In Progress" on the status check (expected delivery 11/3).



As of 6:30pm PT, the status is "Preparing to ship"

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Re: in process

Mines is still in progress, lucky you. I had the preparing to ship status on Saturday, kinda weird I know.

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Re: in process

Just got an update that my phone will ship this week. Much better then the december date.

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Re: in process

I ordered my iphone x at 12:05 PST on 11/27. I got the “Hi...good to go”  later on email on 11/27. I also got a text message.  Until today, order status said “in process or progress”... Today it changed to “Preparing to ship”.  We’ll see. Smiley Happy

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Re: in process

My iPhone X order has two phones, one discretely says "iPhone X" with an icon of the iPhone X while the other phone is labeled "NOT_AVAILABLE" with an icon of a standard phone. I called AT&T and they assured me I only bought one phone and would not be charged for two. Has anyone else experienced a problem like this, ever, with AT&T? 


iPhone X

Silver, 256GB

Shipping: Nov 3

Status: "Preparing to Ship"

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Re: in process

@dannyvindiaz Disregard that. You’re ok dude.

I don’t know why they do that, little confusing for some.

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Re: in process



can someone please explain the difference between a nov 3 date and 2-10? Is there some historical precedence here? Meaning are these two date sets standard procedure for ATT? Round 1 v Round 2...Obviously the nov 3 camp seems better but nov 2 sounds pretty sweet too Smiley Happy 


FWIW I’m November 2-10 and my status is preparing for shipment. 





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Re: in process

FWIW, I don’t think a Nov 2 date is even remotely on the radar as the phone doesn’t release until 11/3. I’m sure there would be significant legal ramifications if a carrier partner started delivering phones before Apple’s designated release date. 

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Re: in process

Well so far my status hasn’t changed to preparing to ship, still in progress, mind you I got 11/3 delivery.


It’s possible to get it on Thursday, last year people got the iPhone 7 Plus 1 day before release. I guess it comes down to FedEx or the carrier that’s supposed to deliver.

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