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iPhone X Ordered! Let the countdown begin!


iPhone X Ordered! Let the countdown begin!

Give your order specs, estimated delivery date, and where you ordered from. Let's keep each other updated on our order progress.

SPECS: iPhone X, 256GB, Silver (GSM) AT&T
DELIVERS: 03 Nov, 2017 by Standard Shipping
ORDERED: Directly through the Apple website


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Re: Shipping date changed? What’s your date?

I just tried *6737# and got the same “your items are on backorder” message. 


Order status page still says 11/3 delivery by date and “in progress” though. Again, I’m skeptical but hopeful all the same. 

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Re: Shipping date changed? What’s your date?

@iPhoneOwner, the case for my X arrived today via FedEx. My X's is being delivered via UPS. It's been a while since Apple shipped lunch day phones via FedEx -- 3 or 4 years at least.


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Re: Shipping date changed? What’s your date?

My iPhone X just departed China! Next stop ... Alaska (I think).

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 2.43.18 PM.png

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Re: Shipping date changed? What’s your date?

I walked into Best Buy on Saturday to pick up the Otterbox Commuter Series case for my iPhone X, blue shirt employee wasn’t sure where they had them but they showed in stock so I told him to go look in the back, surely they were in the back and was the first to get a case for the iPhone X also I know it won’t be scuffed or anything since they didn’t even hit the floor yet.


I’m just waiting for the phone to get a screen protector, probably go with Zagg but till it arrives.

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Re: Shipping date changed? What’s your date?

My status still says 'Preparing to Ship'.  Been that way since preorder day, October 27/28.  Delivery date shows this Friday, Launch Day, 11/3.  I'm an upgrader, upgrading from 6s plus and been with ATT since 2010.  I placed my order at 11:59 am, one of the first hopefully.   Keeping fingers crossed that it will be delivered on Friday.  


And my new X case arrived today and I'm expecting my new charger/audio combo adapter dongle thingy for my car to arrive from Amazon tomorrow.  Cat Happy

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Re: Shipping date changed? What’s your date?

From the AT&T Order Status links in my confirmation emails


Phone: Silver 64GB

Delivery by date: November 3, 2017. 

Phone: Space Gray 64GB

Estimated ship dates: November 2, 2017 - November 10, 2017

Keep a lookout for an email with the exact shipping dates.

Nothing yet in my UPS My Choice Delivery Planner for the one showing delivery on 11/3. I guess they will both end up in my hands eventually Smiley Happy

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Re: Shipping date changed? What’s your date?

@ODoyleRulz,  My first and only iPhone was the 6s Plus and I just went to the store to purchase that directly from Apple and paid in full. There were no indicators stating I would not get my phone November 3rd and a shipping range of November 2-10 with not tracking number is reason enough to pause. The vague information around shipping of a $1100 phone would cause most people to check in on a status.  Usually when you purchase something and shipping date is unknown, you're at least given a tracking number. This type of process is just foreign to me lol and I was just hoping for a bit of clarity.


I tried *6737# and it states "Order# placed on 10/27/2017 is in progress".   Smiley Indifferent 

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Re: Shipping date changed? What’s your date?

FWIW, I tried the *6737# method and got a text notification that the the phone is "currently on back order".  The ATT My Status webpage still says "Preparing to ship", with a Delivery by date if 11/3.


Not sure what this means, but I've read that the "currently on back order" status is actually a prelude to the order getting ready to ship--so might not be a bad thing.  Does any have any experience with this? 

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Re: Shipping date changed? What’s your date?

Mine shows up now as preparing to ship on the website and backorder through the text method. I think we're on the right track. 

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Re: in process

Hi, I had the same issue. Ordered 2 phones, first one I got two emails almost immediately about, the 2nd order I only got 1 email, the 2nd came 12 hours later & said delivery Dec.4-18th, even though the status page still said the 3rd. I chatted with a rep on Sunday night & he said that orders placed before 8am would arrive on the 3rd, and the system just needed to be updated. That seemed crazy and I was skeptical, but I got an email yesterday saying my date had been moved up ~45 days to launch day.

Email from 10/30Email from 10/30


Chat log from 10/29Chat log from 10/29


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