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iPhone X Ordered! Let the countdown begin!


iPhone X Ordered! Let the countdown begin!

Give your order specs, estimated delivery date, and where you ordered from. Let's keep each other updated on our order progress.

SPECS: iPhone X, 256GB, Silver (GSM) AT&T
DELIVERS: 03 Nov, 2017 by Standard Shipping
ORDERED: Directly through the Apple website


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iPhone X ...promised delivery date of nov 3 now it changed to DECEMBER 18

when it's not one thing it's the other but at&t never seems to get things right ...we have 2 lines in our family plan...pre ordered two iPhone X, the process went smooth and by 3:20am (east coast)  both email confirmation had been received with a November 3rd delivery date ...yesterday we received an email for my line saying "we are good to go" that they are working hard and again a delivery date of nov 3rd ...we waited a little to get the same email for my husband's line but nothing came so we called and chatted with different representatives who assured us both orders were ok and they would be here by nov 3r ...well today we woke up to the "we are good to go, we are working hard"  email for my husband's line, the only difference is that his delivery date is not saying Dec 4th-dec18 but when we check on our at&t account (website and app) it still says nov 3 ....we have now talked on the phone to 2 representatives and chatted with one and they tell us that in deed his won't be here until December ....they can't give us an explanation as to why this is happening if both orders were placed at the same time, they just keep apologizing.


this is ridiculous, I would understand if the wait was just 1-2 extra weeks but 6? when we were promised a nov 3rd delivery for both (and it's still showing on the track my order page) but the email and representatives says early to mid dec.


has anyone have this same issue?

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Re: iPhone X ...promised delivery date of nov 3 now it changed to DECEMBER 18

Been there in the past releases of iPhone's and will never again order through ATT.


I order them right from Apple and got them faster and never had to wait and get the run around with date changes from ATT.

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Re: iPhone X ...promised delivery date of nov 3 now it changed to DECEMBER 18

this is just insane ...we are both apple fans, if I keep these two orders as they are it is going to mess up with our upgrade dates and we won't be able to order together for future releases ...I know I know first world problems but still messed up 

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Re: Shipping date changed? What’s your date?

According to att chat, phones with estimated delivery date of 11/3 are going to get shipped around October 31 - November 1


I think people that got the “Hi [insert your name here], we’re good to go” email are good to go for Friday delivery, no worries about cancellation? Smiley Frustrated

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Re: Shipping date changed? What’s your date?

This thread is horrifying. I'm one of those that got the estimated date range from Nov 2 - to Nov 10 for Estimated Shipping Date. If people in here had gotten estimates of Nov. 3rd and were then pushed back to December 4 - December 18, then my order is surely screwed. I'm hoping AT&T doesn't drop the ball as hard as it seems they're going to.

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Re: Shipping date changed? What’s your date?

Ordered my 256gb silver @ 3:08am EST via ATT website on my laptop hardwired to my router (myATT app was slow/delayed, as was the Apple Store app)...got an email confirmation "we're working on it" with my order number at the same time. 


Got another email from ATT later that day at 4:29pm with order details and expected delivery date of 11/3. Online order status as of today shows "in progress" with "delivery by date: November 3, 2017". 


To be honest, I'm a bit skeptical I'll actually get it on Friday. 

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Re: Shipping date changed? What’s your date?

I was thinking of starting another thread to see if anyone has gotten actual shipment confirmation!

And I’m not talking about a text but an actual email with tracking and what not...


Also I have heard people say they gotten text messages with order information before but I never even gotten any, even when I got the Note 8 last month on another line. Kinda weird.

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Re: Shipping date changed? What’s your date?

I think that's a great idea.  Given how random ATT ordering issues have been, it'd be great for everyone to get a feel for when units are shipping general (whether or not they've run into any ordering issues as of yet).


Also, for folks who got the "Hi [_____], we're good to go" email with an 11/3/17 expected delivery date--what does your status page say (i.e. still 'in progress')?

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in progress

In progress, November 3

My Samsung Galaxy S8+ is not green “trade eligible” anymore

I'm lil skeptical but I just want shipping info

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Re: in process

I received the “Hi _______, we’re good to go” email on ~4:30pm Friday afternoon (my order was placed at 3:08am EST that morning) and my order status is still “in progress” with an expected delivery date of 11/3. 

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