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iPhone X Ordered! Let the countdown begin!


iPhone X Ordered! Let the countdown begin!

Give your order specs, estimated delivery date, and where you ordered from. Let's keep each other updated on our order progress.

SPECS: iPhone X, 256GB, Silver (GSM) AT&T
DELIVERS: 03 Nov, 2017 by Standard Shipping
ORDERED: Directly through the Apple website


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Re: iPhone X Ordered! Let the countdown begin!

Update! Man, that was quick.

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 4.15.59 PM.png

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iPhone X Order Status

I got up at 1:50 am CST to pre-order the iphone X.  Successfully got on at  2:00 am and the screen said that my place in line has been reserved and that I needed to wait approx 22 min.  After 22 min I was able to start the pre-order process, which went smoothly.  My payment was cleared and I was given an order confirmation number with a delivery date of November 3rd and told that I would receive an order confirmation via email.  As of 12:30 pm CST, I still did not have an email confirmation, so I call AT&T customer service to check on things.  The customer service professional that I spoke to said that my order had gone through and my device had a ship date of November the 2nd and a delivery date of November the 3rd.  At 4:00 pm CST I received my confirmation email with a ship date of December 13th-18th!!  I then proceeded to log into my account and check the order status and it still showed a delivery date of November 3rd.  I called AT&T for a second time and the customer service professional said that she was showing a ship by date of December 13th-18th like the email confirmation said, but it was subject to change and she couldn’t tell me why the dates were conflicting.  Shortly after getting off of the phone with AT&T I received a text message saying that my order was almost ready to ship with a link to check the status.  I opened the link and it is showing a delivery date of November 3rd.  I’m confused.  Has anyone else experienced this?

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Re: iPhone X Ordered! Let the countdown begin!

Specs: iPhone X, 64GB, Space Gray

Delivers: Nov. 3

Ordered: AT&T mobile app

 Order Status: Preparing to ship

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Has any one received a ship date for the iPhone x

Ok so my ship date for iPhone X is nov 2 to nov 10 and I should lookout for an email with the exact shipping date. Has any one received a different notice? I guess I’m trying to figure out if I’ll get my phone on the release date not 

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Re: Has any one received a ship date for the iPhone x

Yours actually says Nov2 - Nov10?  Hmmm. I ordered my X at about a minute before midnight.   It went through pretty fast.  No issues.  Its an upgrade from my 6s Plus.   My status says 'Preparing to ship'.  If no surprises, i should get my X by Launch Day, next Friday!    Smiley Very Happy


Hope you get yours by next Friday too.

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Re: Has any one received a ship date for the iPhone x

I have the exact same expected shipping dates Nov 2-Nov 10 I’m wondering what happing.

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‎11-01-2017 5:08 PM

Re: Has any one received a ship date for the iPhone x

Hi @Vanderson,


I know you are eager to get the iPhone X. The date posted is normally just an estimate and a normal message. The status may change the closer the date gets to launch so continue checking online. Our shipping article has a little more information regarding tracking and status. 


ChrisZ, AT&T Community Specialist 

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Shipping date changed? What’s your date?

I finished my order for my iPhone X  256gb space gray at 11:50pm on 10/26/17. Got an expected deliver date of November 3rd. Then on 10/27/17 I get an email that says delivery 12/4 through 12/18/17. How the heck is this possible?  I had to be pretty close to the beginning of ordering as I finished my order 10 minutes before preorders were to go live. Anyone else have this happen?  What time did you order and what is your delivery date for which model?


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Re: Shipping date changed? What’s your date?

My order was cancelled and now I have that same delivery date. Others are having this issue as well. AT&T reps are no help.  

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