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iPhone X Ordered! Let the countdown begin!


iPhone X Ordered! Let the countdown begin!

Give your order specs, estimated delivery date, and where you ordered from. Let's keep each other updated on our order progress.

SPECS: iPhone X, 256GB, Silver (GSM) AT&T
DELIVERS: 03 Nov, 2017 by Standard Shipping
ORDERED: Directly through the Apple website


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Re: Shipping date changed? What’s your date?

It was on preparing to ship yesterday, now it’s on back order, November 3 estimated delivery date.

If it’s like the iPhone 7 Plus process then my phone should ship out soon, where once it goes on back order through the *6737# it usually ship out the next day or so.


i put my order in 6 minutes after 3 AM

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Re: Has any one received a ship date for the iPhone x

Bizarre. Curious to hear an update when you find out. 

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Re: Shipping date changed? What’s your date?

I ordered space gray 256 at 1:09am MST on 10/27 from ATT site. All smooth and very quick. Got confirmation screen with order # and ship date of 11/3. I then get an email at 11:46 am asking me to call them. After three hangups and 40 min of this I reach a rep with very loud background noise telling me I need to cancel my order and reorder. But the new ship date will be Dec 18-24. What??? I placed and received confirmation and was done in the 9th minute. She was very unhelpful and I didn’t cancel. Told her that was ridiculous and I have proof of order and expected delivery date. She’s then hangs up on me. I call back again and reach another rep. He can’t confirm what happens but indicates my order is in progress and he sees an 11/3 ship date. Says I should get an email soon. I still do not have an email. I have no idea if I’m getting this or not despite logging into my account and seeing my places order with 11/3 delivery but status of in progress. Ugh. What is going on and why can’t I get answers? I was in and out of the ordering process in 4 minutes. 

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Re: Shipping date changed? What’s your date?

I order my 64gb black at 2:58am est and had a confirmation email within a min of my order. It shows Nov 3rd delivery date and days it’s in process currently. I also received another email at 5:39am that said everything was good to go with my order and confirmed the Nov 3rd delivery date. My only issues is that I will not be home Nov 3rd I’m getting married and need to see if I can have the phone delivered to our hotel or possibly even get it a day early. 

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Re: Shipping date changed? What’s your date?

Email is always the official word.

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Re: iPhone X Ordered! Let the countdown begin!

@iChip16 wrote:

Update! Man, that was quick.

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 4.15.59 PM.png

Enjoy your new iPhone X! I ordered same iPhone X with Apple Care+ directly from Apple Store Online late. It suppose to be delivered Dec 11 - Dec 18 with standard shipping. Also, ordered Otter Box from AmazonSmiley Tongue

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Re: iPhone X Ordered! Let the countdown begin!

This same exact thing happed to me. I got in @ 2am CST and purchased it without any issues. I have a charge for shipping and activation on my bank account. I haven’t gotten an email but I’m able to view my order online on AT&T’s website. My orders are in-process. I just home I get these phones.

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Re: iPhone X Ordered! Let the countdown begin!

Placed order at 2:20 AM (CST) with AT&T. Order email confirms 11/3/17 delivery of iPX space gray 256 GB.


I started with Apple Store app open on iP7, Safari had Apple Store on iPad Pro2, and pc had Edge tabs with AT&T + Apple.


The Apple Store on the iPad was the first to go live (2:12 AM), but Apple could not connect with AT&T. As that order was uncertain, I was able to access AT&T which went well for me.

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Re: Shipping date changed? What’s your date?

I logged into portal about 30 minutes before pre order start and was let in 25 minutes after preorders started.  I ordered about seven 256gb SG X.. I’ve received a thank you for order Email immediately then a follow up order confirmation email after about 10 minutes for all phones stating ship date Nov 2nd with delivery Nov 3.  One of those phones was a 64gb SG X.  I just checked the the confirmation links and confirmed all still say Nov 2 ship/3 delivery.  I’m a NBI customer.  I’ll update everyone when I receive mine.

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Re: Shipping date changed? What’s your date?

@iPhoneOwner, if I remember correctly, in the past, the status goes to "Back ordered" just before you get the shipping notification. I think that's a good sign, actually.

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