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Re: Shipping date changed? What’s your date?


iPhone X Ordered! Let the countdown begin!

Give your order specs, estimated delivery date, and where you ordered from. Let's keep each other updated on our order progress.

SPECS: iPhone X, 256GB, Silver (GSM) AT&T
DELIVERS: 03 Nov, 2017 by Standard Shipping
ORDERED: Directly through the Apple website


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Re: in process

how did you put in your phone number? xxx-xxx-xxxx? or xxxxxxxxxx?

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Re: in process

@kwiggins03, no dashes, no leading 1. Just "xxxxxxxxxx".

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Re: in process

@ik_2017, I ordered directly through AT&T and it just says "Preparing to Ship".

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Re: in process

Thanks. No update for me from either UPS or Fed-Ex. Maybe there will be some movement later today. I consider myself lucky anyway because I ordered by phones like 3 hours after pre-orders went live and still got Nov. 3 confirmed delivery dates. One phone says "In Progress" and the other says "Preparing to ship".

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Re: in process

I find it interesting that when I login to my account via the myAT&T app, I get “preparing to ship” as a status on the page that shows all of my past orders (including this one) but when I click into my iPhone X order it still shows “in progress”. 


Is it safe to say both those order statuses are one in the same? 

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Re: Shipping date changed? What’s your date?

Ughhh...I tried ordering starting at 3:01 am to about 3:45 am no success! was finally able to place my order from my AT&T app at  8:27 am. As of today, my order status reads as follows:


Order status: 
In progress
We're working on your order, and we'll let you know once it's ready.
Estimated ship dates: 
November 2, 2017 - November 10, 2017

Keep a lookout for an email with the exact shipping date.

I know I'm not one of the lucky ones, however; thankful that I didn't get a December ship date. 
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Re: Shipping date changed? What’s your date?

A friend of mine, who is part of the upgrade program, doesn't have a Tracking # available and said others in the program don't either -- which makes me think, perhaps, Apple has stock already here in the US for the upgrade members.

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Re: Shipping date changed? What’s your date?


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Re: Shipping date changed? What’s your date?

im in the exact same boat i have a shipping date of 11/2- 11/10 and im still in progress silver 256 i just spent an hour on the phone with them and they said its backordred if we dont get a shipping info by thursday we shouldnt expect it for 11/3

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Re: Shipping date changed? What’s your date?

I received a shipment notification but it wasn’t for my iPhone X, Xbox One X is starting to run through the process.


IPhone X still in progress, back order on *6737#, i was lied by ATandT chat!

We still got tomorrow but who knows.


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