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iPhone X - Did My Order Go Through?

iPhone X - Did My Order Go Through?

at 1158 PT my browser popped up to sign in (I don't think it was signed in previously, because all I could get was the queue rather than preorder. Anyway, it seems to have gone through, but the only thing I got was an email with the order number and a link, no details on which phone I got.


At the link it at least says iPhone X quantity 1, but nothing else. It just says check back for updates and ship date of 11/3.


The fact that I didn't get an actual receipt has me worried. Last year I preordered 11:58 and I was in the group of people who got screwed and found out they shipped out to people who preordered later than me first, so I'm paranoid. Not even sure if that is a correct date or just a default since there are no other details. Did my order go through? Is everyone's like this?


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Re: iPhone X - order stil says “in process”

Did yours ever come? On time I mean because mine says this exact thing I didthe bogo iPhone deal and ported my number now this exact screen down to the t is what i have right now

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