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iPhone X - Did My Order Go Through?

iPhone X - Did My Order Go Through?

at 1158 PT my browser popped up to sign in (I don't think it was signed in previously, because all I could get was the queue rather than preorder. Anyway, it seems to have gone through, but the only thing I got was an email with the order number and a link, no details on which phone I got.


At the link it at least says iPhone X quantity 1, but nothing else. It just says check back for updates and ship date of 11/3.


The fact that I didn't get an actual receipt has me worried. Last year I preordered 11:58 and I was in the group of people who got screwed and found out they shipped out to people who preordered later than me first, so I'm paranoid. Not even sure if that is a correct date or just a default since there are no other details. Did my order go through? Is everyone's like this?


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Never received a order number or confirmation email

I just set up a new account with att while purchasing the new iPhone i chose to get a new number and they were supposed to send me an email with my new phone number and my email and account information but I never received any of that 


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Re: Never received a order number or confirmation email

So I got the phone at about 415AM EST through the ATT website. And its still IN PROGRESS. I got the confirmation email saying YOU'RE ALL SET a few hours later with a ship date of Nov 2nd-10th. The confirmation email also said Nov 2nd-10th so I'm pretty confident that ill get it by the 10th. If you check your order status in the coming days, the dates stated are the days it should ship out. Your confirmation email is also a good reference, if you didn't get a confirmation I would try to contact ATT. If your date was anytime in November but your confirmation email says December than you will get it December (I know this from previous orders). I thought ATT did a really good job for the pre-orders, the website ran very smoothly. On the  Apple website, a few friends checked out with delivery date for Nov. 3rd but when they finished their order and confirmed it the date changed to Nov 17-24. My buddy who has a guaranteed delivery date on Nov. 3 from ATT. Already has his order as PREPARING TO SHIP. Anyone that has dates that are not set like mine, it will still say IN PROGRESS and update as it comes closer to the Nov 1st-10th. Also if your order status says one thing and your confirmation another, I would contact ATT, but most likely the confirmation email is the real delivery date.

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iPhone X pre-order


I pre- ordered iPhone X at 12:01 10/27/2017. The next day I received an email stating that my order is pending. Upon calling the mentioned number, I was told by the agent that there’s no problem from my end, however, she needed to cancel the order and re process the order so that I can receive my phone at November 3. Surely, after more than hour wait I got the new email regarding new order, she ordered a wrong phone. 

I need to file a complaint

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iPhone X Pre-Ordering Issue

Why can't AT&T fix their order error?  I followed the prompts on the iPhone X pre-order email at 7:30 am on Friday morning.  I had read that the first wave of shipments was going to be limited so I wanted to be one of the first to pre-order to ensure prompt delivery.  I followed the prompts and input my credit card information to process the payment of $36.24 and awaited my email confirmation.  The email never came.  I did, however, receive an email at 7:53 am from AT&T that said "your AT&T payment processed" and went on to state that the payment would be applied to my account. Later that day, at approximately 10:30 am, I also received a text message that detailed my payment confirmation.  I did not receive anything confirming my iPhone X pre-order.  The next day, I went online to my account to try and verify that I had, in fact, pre-ordered an iPhone.  Nope.  Because I did not have an order confirmation number, I couldn't check to see if I had anything ordered.  I used the website chat and was told not to worry...that if I received an email then my phone would definitely arrive.  This didn't sound right so I called AT&T.  After a lengthy process of attempting to verify my order, I was told that it could not be located and that I should just wait. "Sometimes the orders can take 24 hours to process". I reminded the CSR that it had already been over 24 hours but I would wait until the next day. So today, 2 days later, I just hung up with another CSR who was unable to locate my order.  Additionally, she informed me that I should just re-order online.  Seriously?  I explained to her that I placed my order early on Friday morning in an attempt to be one of the earlier orders and not have to wait until December for the second wave of shipments.  She just apologized.  I asked if there was any way to re-order and get bumped back up to the top. Nope.  I asked about the charge on my account and she said she wouldn't be able to verify that either. With a company as large as AT&T, all of this boggles my mind. You charged my credit card (I received the notification from my CC company) but you can't simply refund the charge and then re-order my phone and ensure that I am back near the front of the line????? This was YOUR error...not mine.  I followed your email instructions, I paid the tax, but I don't have a phone on order and you can't fix it? I think I'm with the wrong cellular company.

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Re: iPhone X Pre-Ordering Issue

I Found a email in my spam this morning and it said I ordered the 64GB. I immediately contacted att and they said they can not cancel the order and I will have to ship it back and that I wouldn’t get the 256GB I actually ordered until January so I guess I won’t be getting an iPhone X. 

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Iphone x order

Hello, so my order went though for my new iPhone X. I had a pending charge on my bank account and now it’s gone. Also when I call into att they are unable to locate the order but I am able to track the order online and see that it states in process. Is the reasoning behind the iPhone taxes not pending anymore, is because the phone hasn’t shipped and will the customer service be able to track it once it’s shipped? Thanks 

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iPhone X

I ordered the 64GB Space Grey model and I currently still have the Nov 2nd- Nov 10th ship date with no email yet confirming it’s shipping status. Hoping I get my email today but I’m very skeptical about it. I wanted to call a rep but I’m sure a million other people called about the same thing so I’m sure I’ll get a run around answer about it, guess I have to play the waiting game. 

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Re: iPhone X

I chatted with a rep and they said my phone was on the first shipment out. However still says preparing for shipping online. Guess we’ll see


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Re: iPhone X

Thanks for everyone’s input. That’s what mine says too, preparing to ship. Still says 11/3 too.
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iPhone X - order stil says “in process”

I received both emails, including the “you’re good to go” one; however, the status on the order conf page still lists as “in process” instead of “preparing for shipment”. Ordered on launch day shortly after 3a [EDT], delivery date of 11/3. I have never ordered through the AT&T website. Wondering if anyone else has had experience with this or if I should worry that my status hasn’t updated since ordering.



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