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iPhone Unlocking Questions and Discussion

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iPhone Unlocking Questions and Discussion



How can I get my iPhone unlocked?


How long does this process take?


What are the requirements?


These and other related questions will be answered in this thread. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to post them here and the Community will be happy to help!


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Unlock my iPhone 5C

Dear Sir,

      I want to unlock my iPhone with the following IMEI: ***. 

Apple support center confirms that it is locked to AT&T while AT&T says no it does not belong to them. I am confused.


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Re: Unlock my iPhone 5C


NEVER POST IMEI numbers on a public forum.

Was the phone used on the AT&T network? If it wasn't AT&T has no record of the IMEI number.

You will need to private message @ATTMobilityCare through this forum with your account and contact information and concern. If anyone can help, they can.

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Re: Unlock my iPhone 5C


Yes, the sim card is still there in the phone but I have no information about it (like number or username) because I have purchased the phone from a previous user.

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Iphone Unlocing

How to Check the Network with imei number? I have an iPhone 6 but i have no idea this network belongs to AT&T, SPRINT or  verizon. How to unlock legally if its locked. Please answer 

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Can`t confirm unlock request

Got email fron AT&T with confirmation link


The link leads to the page that has no confirmation details

And when i check status i see message "Your unlock request is on hold until we receive your confirmation."

Is there any solution?

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Unlocking Device

I'm from the Philippines and my new iPhone 7 was a gift to me but it's locked with AT&T. I would like to unlock it but the link does not work. Can anyone lead me to a different link?

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Unlock Phone

My son's iPhone 6 is disabled. We have tried all Apple procedures which didn't work. We've tried hard shut done, removing AT&T sim & nothing worked. He does not have iTunes or iCloud acts. to sync with. He also had the "do not disturb" on. Will getting a new SIM work to unlock? We've submitted unlock request a 8 days ago, but have not received a response. What can we do?
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Re: Unlock Phone

Not enough information.  But I don't see how carrier unlocking it will have any effect.

Why is it disabled?   Disabled iPhone usually indicates the locksceen passcode was entered wrong multiple times and is locked him out.

Is he the original owner?   If not, is the original owner available.  iCloud lock can only be removed by the person who locked it.  Not ATT or Apple.



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Re: Unlock Phone

Yes, my son forgot his passcode & did multiple passcodes resulting in being disabled & locked out. We are the original owners, purchased thru our AT&T account.
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Re: Unlock Phone

Also, since Apple was unable to help us with this issue they suggested to contact our carrier.
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