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iPhone Shipping Dates


iPhone Shipping Dates

Hi, I just ordered a matte black iPhone 7 plus it says my expected shipping date is nov 10-17. I'm not too concerned. I mean, I have a 6s plus, so it's not like I'm doing without. I am curious though if anyone knows roughly how accurate iPhone shipping dates are just so i know. I didn't preorder because I was kind of on the fence, but now I don't know what to expect.

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Re: iPhone Shipping Dates

Hi @Jsmith1105. On 9/9, I pre-ordered the iPhone 7 Plus 256gb in Jet Black. After I ordered it, the reports started coming out about the scratch issue. After thinking long and hard about it, I decided to cancel my jet black order and do a new order for matte black, same configuration. I cancelled and reordered on Saturday 9/24. My ship dates were 10/21-10/28. I just received an email last night (9/29) that my matte black phone has been shipped. Because it was later in the evening when FedEx picked it up, it will be delivered to me on Monday 10/3. So from the time I ordered it and then got the email, it only took 5 days. I hope it works out this way for you too.
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‎09-30-2016 10:54 PM

Re: iPhone Shipping Dates

Hello @Jsmith1105, and welcome to the AT&T Community Forums!

I am sorry to learn you are concerned about your iPhone 7 shipping dates. There's no further need! I am here to help you with that


The initial estimated shipping date provided is based on a number of variables. That is the reason why it is estimated.

One of these variables is the average order processing time, and average shipping time in comparison to the order's date.

However, actual, physical inventory, versus the estimated cargo shipment to the warehouse, will provide a better estimate.

Be on the lookout for AT&T email communications about your order status (check your junk mail as wel, just in case...).

But my best suggestion is to be proactive! Periodically requesting your order status is even healthier than waiting on a notification! Do so here: www.att.com/WirelessOrderStatus


Congratulations on your new iPhone 7 Plus!
I know you'll enjoy it!

 Apple!

Kind regards,

Bilingual CS&SR I
AT&T | Mobility


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Re: iPhone Shipping Dates

Hey thanks everybody for your help. I know this is a first world problem, but I'm not very good at waiting for online orders that have any kind of delay.
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Re: iPhone Shipping Dates

Did you order through the business website? I ordered 09/23/2016 at 11:21:53 PM EDT, and The estimated shipping date range for this item has changed from 11/07/16 - 11/14/16 to 10/14/16 - 10/21/16.


I am still waiting for that email. Hopefully you ordered through another portal... 

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Re: iPhone Shipping Dates

It's so freaking stupid. I know better than to order through AT&T. I did it anyway. Ordered on the 12th of October and mine show 6 weeks wait. Why is it the same crap every year with ATT? 

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Re: iPhone Shipping Dates

Thought I'd update my post from this morning... So my last update was my phone was going to  ship between 10/14-10/21. With it being the 21st and no update I thought I'd confirm and contacted AT&T. Talked to Karl or Carl and after explaining not seeing anything  on an update and this being the last day he assured me "oh your phone is on the way and should arrive today" because today is the last day that they said it would be shipped. I am buying the phone through my company so I'm talking with the Business unit of At&t. Well it says "your credit card will be charged once it ships"... checked my card; no charge, of course! Call back later this afternoon to try and find out what the deal is; this time they tell me well the phone has been back ordered now and your date to ship has been pushed back to November 7th; a couple days after my original ship date of 11/4-11/11. What a letdown. This phone BETTER be life changing because the AT&T customer service has been life altering; in a negative, what was that guy smoking kinda way. 

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Re: iPhone Shipping Dates

@Sstein68 wrote:

It's so freaking stupid. I know better than to order through AT&T. I did it anyway. Ordered on the 12th of October and mine show 6 weeks wait. Why is it the same crap every year with ATT? 

I'm sorry, you waited a month after you could start ordering and you have a complaint that that it's 6 weeks to get it sent? This is somehow AT&T's fault? 


If it's the same thing every year, shouldn't you know to order earlier?

And of course, as you know (like every year), the new colors take forever...




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