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iPhone IMAP stopped working


iPhone IMAP stopped working

For a few days now, I cannot get my email on my iPhone for one specific email address.  It was working for months and months, but started acting weird a few days ago.


I can see the emails on my MAC and on the GoDaddy server (via the web interface), but they do not not appearing on my iPhone.


I've tried deleting the account, power off the iPhone, re-adding the account - no luck.


All I see is a bold "Load More Messages..." message saying 30 messages total, 0 unread.  (that is the correct number of emails that I should be seeing). Normally I can press that to get more stuff from the server, but nothing happens when pressed.


I see the iPhone often connecting, "checking for mail...", and I know it's trying because I see "downloading 1 of 30", but immediately ends without showing me any emails.   I believe something is "bent" on the iPhone, but I don't know how to fix it from this end. 


  1. Any ideas on what else I can do from the iPhone side?
  2. Is there some magic bullet that AT&T or GoDaddy can send to the phone to reset the account, like the Cable company can do to reset my DVR?


Note: other IMAP email addresses on the same account do still work on my iPhone.  I've deleted and re-added them too and they work...



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Re: iPhone IMAP stopped working

I am having that issue too.  I can usually clear it by rebooting the iPHone by holding the on/off key and the home button for 8 to 10 seconds until you see the Apple logo.


I also can get it working by going in to settings>mail>Fetch new data> and turning off push for a few minutes then turning it back on.  I think it is an iCloud issue?


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Re: iPhone IMAP stopped working

I tried all of the things you suggested before I posted.

My GoDaddy account in question does not push.  It's set to fetch every 15m.

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Re: iPhone IMAP stopped working

I spent the whole morning otp w Apple support (both people were excellent!). We ran diagnostics on my iPhone, reset network settings, wiped the phone out and started it as new, wiped it out and restored backups (three different times)... all without fixing my problem. 


Apple suggested I have GoDaddy reset my email account (obviously without losing my emails).


I did.


They "performed maintenance on my email address" and miraculously all is fixed now.


I knew it was them, but had to prove it...

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