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Re: iPhone 7 factory unlock

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iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Launch



Hello Community and Apple Fans!


AT&T is thrilled to offer iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, the best iPhones ever, beginning Friday, Sept. 16.


Visit att.com/iPhone to pre-order!!


If you'd like to discuss the launch and what you're excited for, please join us in our iPhone launch discussion thread as well.


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Re: iPhone 7

You need to take that issue up with Apple...


Apple iPhone feedback

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Dose AT&T have the iphone 7P of jet black?

Dose ATT have the iphone 7P of jet black? Cuz I only see the black option in color options, not sure if it's the jet black one. Anyone help me?

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Re: Dose AT&T have the iphone 7P of jet black?

I saw various options including jet black early this morning. The difference was the jet black would not be shipped until late October.

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Re: iPhone 7 factory unlock

Today I pre-order iphone7 but billing address errors
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ACE - Expert

Re: Iphone7

@MilkFromACow wrote:

I was wondering why ATT chat was so helpful in letting me try and keep my unlimited plan. I guess I understand why now 🙂


It's probably because people go BONKERS when they lose their unlimited plan...

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Re: iPhone 7 factory unlock

This has been nothing but bad service all over.

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Re: iPhone 7 factory unlock

Which phone trade in gets the $650 for purchasing the iPhone 7? Not even the iPhone 6s 128gb shows a trade in value of 650 on tradein.att.com
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Re: iPhone 7 factory unlock

just confirmed with customer service that as long as it's an iphone 6 or 6s in good condition, you get the 650. ignore values given on the tradein.att.com site.

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iPhone 7 Shipping Courier

This is my first time pre-ordering the new iPhone through AT&T and I was curious about which courier AT&T uses to ship iPhones. I know Apple typically uses UPS and requires either a signature or a pre-signed document for delivery. Does anyone know which courier AT&T uses? FedEx and UPS deliver at different times in my area so I just wanted to plan ahead.

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Re: iPhone 7 Shipping Courier

All of my orders with AT&T have come via FedEx.

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