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iPhone 7 Plus Shipping Dates


iPhone 7 Plus Shipping Dates

I ordered an iPhone 7 Plus 128gb jet black right when they were available at 3am. Shipping date said September but after I checked out it said October 21. The representative on the phone 2 days ago told me it would be at my house on release day, September 16.

Is this normal for the shipping date to be messed up? Did this happen to anyone else? I just got off the phone with a representative and she couldn't tell me anything.

I also haven't received an email confirmation yet.

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Re: iPhone 7P pre-order shipping date

you shouldve been here last year Smiley Very Happy

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Re: iPhone 7P pre-order shipping date

Why? Did the same thing happen? The lady I just talked to said that the date could change once the orders get processed. Other than that she had no idea.
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7 plus 128 gb jet black iPhone

Ordered iphone 7plus 128 gb jet black at 3:34 et already 10/14 to 10/21 guess they had a short supply lol , wife ordered 7 plus 128 gb rose gold will be delivered on 9/16  , anybody got earlier date for 7 plus jet black 128gb 

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iPhone 7 Plus Pre-Order

Hi all. I pre-ordered the iPhone 7 Plus in Jet Black in the 256GB configuration early this morning. I got on the website at around 2:45AM Eastern Standard Time and was done before 3. My shipping slot listed unfortunately as September 30-October 7. I'm not too worried because in the past I've had even later shipping dates for the plus models and still recieved it on release day, but I wanted to see if anyone else ordered my exact configuration and got earlier/later shipping times, and also at what time those people ordered.


Also as a tangent, I still have not recieved my order confirmation email, but I called the business premier support line and entered my wireless number, and they definitely have the order on file. Anyone else experience something similar to this?



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Re: 7 plus 128 gb jet black iPhone

Yes last year the entire waiting process was very comical on this forum. Every year AT&T does this and people complain about them. However, AT&T swoops in and save the day and people start receiving shipping information Thursday and get it Friday or on Friday to get it Monday. Don't worry I've been at this process since iPhone 5 and every year same thing.
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Re: 7 plus 128 gb jet black iPhone

ordered at 3:22am EST and it says September 30 to October 7th. 7plus 256 Jet Black.


what is frustrating is that I recently left a shared account with my wife and went to my own account and decided to go into a store yesterday just to make sure that I wouldn't have any problems with ordering and to get a better rate plan. After 30 minutes in the store, they said everything looked great. Fast forward to 3:06am when I was finally able to get access to the Apple Store via their App, I had everything ready and ordered but the app said my zip code of last 4 of my social were not matching. I made sure all that was correct a few hours earlier. I was eventually able to download the ATT app and order it there at 3:22am but I could have had it on the 16th if the store had done their job when I went in.


I called 611 to confirm the date and 41 minutes on hold later, I was told their systems are updating and they cant do anything and when I asked if it was possible to cancel and just buy in store without ruining my eligibility I was told "pfft good luck with that". Remember when people worked hard because they actually wanted a job?

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iphone pre order

I just placed an order for iphone 7 and told its going to be shipped to be during November.


So I tried to cencel it to call a customer service but they told me they can't do anything about a pre-order for an iphone.


I don't think it makes sense. Please help. How can I cancel it?

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Re: iphone pre order

@nansul and ANYONE else who is worried about these shipping dates. DO NOT cancel your orders. For those of you who have not been through this pre-order process several times it can seem a little scary to see shipping dates backed all the way through to Novemeber. This happens every year and every year people get scared. However, these is the 3rd year I have pre ordered an Iphone and I promise if you keep your original pre-order you should have your phone on release day. In fact, let me tell you a tale of the one year I did cancel my pre-order back when the 6 came out. I preordered online within 30 minuest of the phone coming out, my shipdates showed November 21-28, I paniced. Went to my local ATT store and they told me to cancel my pre-order and order through them and they would have my phone early morning on release day. So I did, long story short the ATT store didnt recieve my Iphone until late October and everyone online who listed their dates as November started posting that they recieved their Iphones on release day. 
Stay calm, be patient with the estimated dates, you'll get your Iphone.

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ACE - Sage

Re: iphone pre order

Yes, you will get the iPhone.  But it might be a Christmas present.  If the last 2 years are any example, you are better off walking into a store on release day.

Last year the 128 gig version was back ordered till end of December. 



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