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Re: ATT iPhone 6s Plus


iPhone 6s Plus Black Screen

I have had my phone 2 weeks now. I was using the phone in my living room and walked into the bedroom,  The phone is in its case and I laid it on my bedside table and plugged in charger.  When I came back to my phone, the screen is blank (black).  The only way I can tell if it is even on is if I ask Siri if she is there and the answer I always get is either always or I am everywhere.  This is all I get with a blank, black screen.. It was not dropped or manhandled..Please help me someone.

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Re: ATT iPhone 6s Plus

All warranty claims go through Apple. contact nearest Apple store.

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‎10-12-2015 8:16 PM

Re: ATT iPhone 6s Plus

I would first try to restart the device to see if it is just s software issue that needs a restart.  You do that by holding down both the home button and the wakw/sleep button for about 20-30 seconds (or until you see the silver Apple logo appear on the screen.  If that "fixes" it, then it could just be a simple software glitch that needed a reboot to fix (amazing how much like PC's our phones are now, isn't it?).  Even if it does "fix" it, it could still be a hardware problem that will return in the future.


I suggest that you make sure you have a full backup (sync using iTunes, and make sure that you backup all yoru photos, etc.  After that, make an appointment at your local Apple Genius Bar to have them take a look at the phone for you.  Since it is a new device it should still be under warranty (even a refurbished iPhone gets a 90 day warranty, and it hasn't been 90 days since the 6s line was released).  As long as Apple does decide that it is "accidental damage" they should replace the phone on the spot if it is not working properly.

Jerry B.


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Re: ATT iPhone 6s Plus

Thank you so much. I did the restart and it worked. You are very kind and helpful. It is working properly now. Again, thank you so much.

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Re: ATT iPhone 6s Plus

I also would like to thank you for that suggestion. I had a similar problem about an hour ago. Screen just went black and it would not even respond to Siri. Even though my phone is still under warranty since i got it new about 4 months ago i was really upset that i had to go through the procedure of replacing it and being without the phone for some time, BUT luckily i stumbled upon this post while searching for the solution to my problem. Now it works without any issues so thank you very much once again.

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Re: ATT iPhone 6s Plus

Thank you so much, this worked.  I had to hold down on both buttons for what seemed a long time, but it reset and works now.

My symptons were, BLACK screen.  Siri responded, people could call me, but I could not see them on the screen as it was black, but I heard the ringing.  I could not swipe either.


Thanks Geek boy, you are an ace.!!

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Re: ATT iPhone 6s Plus


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Re: ATT iPhone 6s Plus

the two buttons on left side phone.

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Re: ATT iPhone 6s Plus

Unfortunately this did not work for me. Thank you
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Re: Re: ATT iPhone 6s Plus

Good Monday morning @Scarlett8,
It is truly upsetting to hear your phone has a blank screen.  I understand the importance of getting past this, as you need to access your text and emails.  Let us work together to get this matter resolved.
I recommend you access the AT&T Troubleshoot and Resolve Tool.  To ensure the most accurate and precise troubleshooting experience we request you log in with your myAT&T user name and password.
Once you are logged in please scroll down to Device/software issues > Screen >
Blank screen unresponsive, or won’t power on > Next and follow the instructions on the screen.  This tool we closely look at software and hardware issues which can contribute to this problem.

Thank you for accessing the Community Forums and have a fantasize Labor Day.


Anthony, AT&T Community Specialist


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