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Re: Just to be clear, this is NOT solved and still an issue.


iPhone 6 not connecting to LTE

I upgraded from a 4s to a 6 on Friday. My restore went perfect but my iPhone 6 has yet to connect to the LTE network. My partner has a 5s and at home and other places it on LTE while mine just says 4G.

I've played with the cellular setting and have checked on the LTE setting. Power cycled the phone many times, turned airplane mode on and off and cellular data. Still only on 4G.

How can I fix this?
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Re: Just to be clear, this is NOT solved and still an issue.

Thru the web chat support a technician Tyler helped me out and got it going! He is a star!! Outstanding!


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Re: Just to be clear, this is NOT solved and still an issue.

So, just web chatted with an AT&T tech support guy. 

He said that 4G=LTE and so if it shows 4G on the phone, then I'm good. 

I largely believe this to be nonsense, but haven't got a footing to disagree. 


Can anyone explain, loosely, what the resolution was? Something that I could use should I actually attempt to contact AT&T again?

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Re: Just to be clear, this is NOT solved and still an issue.

I have the same issue and just spent hours chatting with tech support and when they could not figure it out they said, there was an outage in my area and i said well for how long? and they said they don't know but they will resolve it.


I believe they are cheating people to 4G instead of 4G LTE and getting away with it.


completely disappointed with AT&T, switching at the first change i get. 


If anyone has an idea o how they fixed it for you, please repost. 

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Re: Just to be clear, this is NOT solved and still an issue.

Your phone is 4G LTE capable. That doesn't guarantee you are in an area that is LTE covered. Even if it had coverage in the past. Note the disclaimers every carrier includes on their website under 4G LTE*

If other people in your area and in your house are getting LTE with ATT, then it has something to do with your phone or SIM card.

ATT can switch your SIM card for free, just visit an ATT store. They can check your phones settings also.
If you still don't have LTE, then it may be a faulty phone.
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Re: Just to be clear, this is NOT solved and still an issue.

Yes, i just went through that a few weeks ago, my wife has the same phone and she gets LTE while i don't standing next to each other.


I understand the disclaimer but the phone disconnects from the network without moving it, i can get LTE but no true data, meaning nothing works over data, or 4G if a place a call and no service with the phone in the same exact location withing one hour.


I'm more disappointed that they now have an outage after hours of conversation.


i can't help to feel that they are blaming the one thing that is out thier hands; thus, shedding the responsibly for the failure. 

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Re: iPhone 6 not connecting to LTE

Hello I recently recieved my iPhone 6 and had AT&T to cut it on. My iPhone 6 is unlocked. In my case my LTE never came on it just stayed on 4G for a couple days so I called AT&T and the first time I was told 4G is LTE they both have the same speeds it's not saying LTE but I have the speeds. But I know I didn't because my cousin internet is way faster and she has LTE. I called them again and said does my plan offer LTE because I don't have LTE and the representative looked thru my plan and said you do but your LTE isn't on because when you got your phone your agent didn't put the IMEI number in the system. I gave her the number over the phone she told me to restart my phone and I had fast amazing LTE.
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Re: iPhone 6 not connecting to LTE

Dear Community Members!


Thank you all for the great question and discussion on this topic. Depending on the type of phone you have upgraded into, many of the newer smartphones are indeed set up to be 4g LTE compatible devices. As mentioned by @lizdance40, there can be a few things that can affect the LTE from not displaying on the phone – the area you are located in not having LTE coverage, the SIM card, or incorrect provisioning on the account.


To check and see if you are within 4G LTE coverage, you can locate your market by visiting AT&T Maps on the AT&T website. Once on this webpage, you can search by address, ZIP code, country, or landmark. Make sure to switch the Domestic indicator under the Wireless Coverage Type to Data for best results.


When getting a new device or make a change to the account plan, you have the option of getting a new SIM card. The SIM card itself will carry the LTE compatibility. To verify that the SIM card is going to work with 4G LTE data, you can check here. To get a new SIM card, you can go into any AT&T Company store location or ordering one through our support channel. You can locate a nearby store location by clicking on Store Locations & Appointments. Great thing about getting one in the store is you can have the service tested for you before you leave!


Once you have the new SIM card, we definitely want to make sure that it is provisioned on your account with the SIM card number and IMEI number of the device.


If you would like to order a new SIM card, confirm whether your account is provisioned correctly, or to verify if you are in an LTE coverage area, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us through our Contact Us website.


Thanks so much, and please send us a Private Message if you have any further questions or concerns on this topic.


Tim, Community Specialist

AT&T Customer Care

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Re: iPhone 6 not connecting to LTE

HI! I know the answer. Go to Settings. General..Go all the way to the bottom and Hit "Reset  >" , then, Hit Reset Network Settings, your phone restarts and you are back on LTE!!!!!! 

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Re: iPhone 6 not connecting to LTE

I too had this issue and turns out that if you do not update your IMEI number and SIM number on your gophone/ATT account you get a 4G signal. Once you update these information on your account it should start showing up LTE signal.

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