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iPhone 5 not showing home wifi


iPhone 5 not showing home wifi

My boyfriend and I both have iphone 3gs and automatically connect to our home wifi upon entering the house.


With my new iphone 5, the home network is not showing up. It shows as 4g but when I go under wifi, it's turned on but not listed under the "choose a network" even though our 3gs in the house are connected.

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Re: iPhone 5 not showing home wifi

For anyone having the same problem, it must have been a phone issue because I was able to swap out my phone today at Apple and the new one has picked up my home wifi and other connections when I'm out. YAY!

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Re: iPhone 5 not showing home wifi

Good deal, thanks for the update!

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Re: iPhone 5 not showing home wifi

My IPhone 5 stopped reading my home WiFi. I tried everything. I unplugged my router. I reset my network settings. I backed up to iCloud and reset to factory settings and nothing. My husband has an IPhone 4 and can be sitting next to me and have WiFi and I don't. Very frustrating!! I don't like the IPhone 5 AT ALL!!!!
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Re: iPhone 5 not showing home wifi

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Re: iPhone 5 not showing home wifi

Sounds like a hardware issue. Go to the Apple store. I am assuming the issue is with all wifi networks?

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