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iPhone 5 no signal/ low signal/ EDGE


iPhone 5 no signal/ low signal/ EDGE

I've never had any problems with my older iphone models but ever since I switched to 5, I keep getting low signals, no signal at all, and when it does find signal it goes to EDGE.


I called ATT and the only thing they told me was to try resetting he network settings (did not help) or exchanging my probably "defective" iphone 5. But since it's so hard to get one, I am not about to exchange it when clearly the problem is their signal and not the handheld itself (works perfectly fine when I'm connected to y wifi at home).


I live in Albuquerque, NM and as far as I know we still do not have 4G LTE here. I tried turning off the LTE since it's practically unuseable to me right now. CSR told me that my iphone is provisioned right on their network but I'm wondering since if we don't even have 4g LTE here, shouldn't they just switch me back to regular iphone 3G connections? Or do I HAVE to be on the 4G LTE regardless?


CSR also told me she's sending me a new sim card to see if that helps. Hopefully it will because it's very very frustrating right now. ATT plans are not cheap and I want to get my money's worth!!


Thanks in advance for any input or suggestions on how I can self-fix this.


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Re: iPhone 5 no signal/ low signal/ EDGE

Just because the phone works fine on wi-fi doesn't mean it's not defective. Wi-fi and cell use 2 different radios.

If the SIM card doesn't fix it I'd look at the phone itself. Do you know someone with another iPhone that could try theirs at your location?
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Re: iPhone 5 no signal/ low signal/ EDGE

It's possibly phone or SIM card related since you aren't the only one reporting issues.
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Re: iPhone 5 no signal/ low signal/ EDGE

Thanks, guys. I'll look into your suggestions and update for any changes/solutions

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Re: iPhone 5 no signal/ low signal/ EDGE

I have the exact same problem!


I used to get pretty good reception in my entire area with my iPhone 4S, 4 and 3GS... now with my 5 I can only get on the Edge network, or 1 or 2 Bars on 4G and I NEVER get an LTE signal... I live in Asheville, NC and according to the AT&T map, I should get LTE when I'm in the city (mountains around me can be an issue, but that's always been a given), but I've NEVER seen the LTE icon up on my phone since I've had it for about 10 days now... 


Sucks because I'm dropping calls left and right in my house right now and that never used to happen!


Yes, I tried resetting my network settings, and no it didn't help.


Anyone know who to best bring this issue to?

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Re: iPhone 5 no signal/ low signal/ EDGE

I am also having the same issue. At times it can take 10 min or more for it to switch from Edge back to 4G, however if I power cycle then it comes up 4G right away. I have an iPhone 4 right next to my iPhone 5, the 4 shows four or five bars and 3G network whereas the 5 show one, two or three bars and Edge most of the time.

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Re: iPhone 5 no signal/ low signal/ EDGE

I have the exact same problem.  My Iphone 5 gets a low signal and switches to Edge... even though my Iphone 4s never had this issue.  In addition, once it goes into Edge mode... it NEVER comes out!  I've waited for hours!  I need to physically reboot the phone or reset the network settings and it will automatically pick up a 4g signal.  It's like the phone is incapable of switching modes.  Part of me thinks it's an OS issue but if it's only affecting a small minority... it's possible there's a hardware issue going around.  (or SIM issue?)

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Re: iPhone 5 no signal/ low signal/ EDGE

A friend and I bought our phones together and we both have horrible connectivity issues. Wifi and No service.
We have tried everything except replacing our phones, which is next.
SIM card replacement did not work. Rebooting, reinstalling, restoring , nothing works. Apple store reinstalled firmware and still didn't work ( the genius was positive it would work).
It's such a hassle to try all these things and waste tons of time for nothing.
Will replace phone ( the genius was more than willing to do so after firmware reinstall) next time. It's strange after firmware was reinstalled the Apple genius said we could come back after an hour after trying it out and if it didn't work he'd replace it. I think Apple is well aware of the issue.
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Re: iPhone 5 no signal/ low signal/ EDGE

Also our friends do not have these issues! It's sad that in the most basic of places like theaters or work the service just cuts out.
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Re: iPhone 5 no signal/ low signal/ EDGE

My wife and I both bought new iPhone 5 units to replace the iPhone 4 we had previously. Those worked well. If I go to a no service area and then return to a 4G area, the iPhone 5 is dropping back to an EDGE connection only and that is wildly variable in strength and usually delivers no data or sporadic data at best. The only way to get back to a connected 4g is to power cycle or enter and exit airplane mode. I’ve tried all sorts of resets and no fix. Apple points to AT&T and AT&T to Apple. Apple wants me to get the Sims replaced but I know of others with this problem also and I suspect there are not a batch of bad SIMs out there but I’ll try. It bothers me deeply that all are finger pointing. If no one owns this problem soon, the phones go back pronto.

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