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iPhone 5 Data Consumption.


iPhone 5 Data Consumption.

I've had my iPhone 5 with AT&T for nearly a week now and my data consumption has went off the roof, a little over a gig (1024 mb/1g) was used already. It doesn't seem right, I'm really worried because it's only been a week, I called AT&T and I wasn't getting anywhere with the late night people that were working, one was even an egotisical "I know it all" kind of guy who wasn't the friendliest. I understand, it's my data my problem, but I've had iPhones for years and I just signed onto AT&T because I hear good things, it's egotisical jrks like this that make any impulsive person to just be quick to cut their contract and phone lines and move on to another carrier, but this has only happened once, other times I've had great people, at any rate, nothing was really explained as to why my data consumption was this high in only a weeks time. It doesn't make any sense because I've used iPhones for years, nothing out of the ordinary as far as my usage goes and I'm almost always hooked onto WiFi at home. Is anyone else experiencing the same issues with the iPhone 5?


I hope there's a solution other than the inconvenience of having to shut off my apps completely. This is ridiculous. I'm not saying that I'm not happy with my iPhone 5, because I love it, it's extremely fast and a great piece of technology it's just this issue with AT&T. 


Let me know if you've been experiencing the same issues. Maybe you'll know a solution.


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Re: iPhone 5 Data Consumption.

In the Settings app go to "General", then "Usage" and scroll to the bottom for "Cellular Usage" to see how much you've used. Keep an eye on this regularly to get an idea what apps you use that use lots of bandwidth. (Though it sounds like you are already?).

In settings under "General" -> "Cellular" be sure to disable "iTunes" so it doesn't download music on the go (if you use iTunes match) and iCloud Documents if you have big documents you sometimes work with.
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Re: iPhone 5 Data Consumption.

Also turn off Diagnostics & Usage

Settings > General > About > Diagnostics & Usage:  Check "Don't Send"


While your in there:

Settings > iTunes & App Stores > Use Cellular Data:  OFF


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Re: iPhone 5 Data Consumption.

Thanks. I hope this works!
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Re: iPhone 5 Data Consumption.

I picked up my iPHone 5 about 2:00pm on Fri 09/21/2012.  It's now 6:20pm on Sunday 09/29/2012.  According to my iPhone, I've used about 490MB of cellular data and about 7.3GB of wifi...  As you can see, I'm on wifi when possible...

Jerry B.


For additional help, please send a PM to ATTCustomerCare.
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Re: iPhone 5 Data Consumption.

While the suggestions given can slow your data usage, they cripple the functionality you bought that beautiful iPhone 5 for (I did too!). This is a "known" problem...

iOS 6 will use cellular data even when it is connected to WiFi. Verizon has acknowledged it and Apple has kind of admitted it. Apple issued a patch for Verizon phones and Verizon is credited customers who are incurring overage charges.


AT&T has so far refused to acknowledge it as a problem. Post and tweet @AT&T, @ATTCustomerCare@ATTTeamTrevor @Apple, to acknowledge and fix the WiFi/cellular data problem!

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Re: iPhone 5 Data Consumption.

I am aasking the same question.  High data useage later in the night.  I am on wifi most of the time and never use more thenI need.  Example: sept.- 30/200mb , oct.- 30 /200 mb, nov. 49/200mb,  this month +200 over?

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Re: iPhone 5 Data Consumption.

I am having the same problem; already been charged 15 bucks last month, and I only have 50mb with 13 days left in this cycle.  Total bull

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Re: iPhone 5 Data Consumption.

There are numerous topics on this subject explaining how AT&T reports data and the fact the iPhone will drop wifi when it goes into sleep mode. With the iPhone 5 I believe LTE uses more data than 3g. Anyway, use the search function or start here with this topic about phantom data usage. There are some things you can do but the bottom line is the phone is using the data; it's not some AT&T conspiracy!




tbudx3 wrote:

I am aasking the same question.  High data useage later in the night.  I am on wifi most of the time and never use more thenI need.  Example: sept.- 30/200mb , oct.- 30 /200 mb, nov. 49/200mb,  this month +200 over?



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Re: iPhone 5 Data Consumption.

AT&T has dropped the ball here. The Iphone 5 is a dismal fail, unless you can afford to pay for the maximum data package just to use simple everyday functions of any other other smartphone.


AT&T's failure to acknowledge or deal with this issue is reason enough to cancel your plan.


After speaking to 3 different AT&T reps, none would say they were aware of any issues, and it must just be that I am am using too much data. Their suggestion to me was to turn off Facebook notifications, and to completely power off my phone at night. OR, for an additional $5/month i could impose data limits on my phone. What?



I have the 3 GB plan for the Iphone after 15 days it has been used up .And, I have been charged for additional data, which at this rate will be gone in a few days as well. 


I have been with AT&T since 1996 (when its was Cingular) but their total refusal to address this isue has me at my end with them.


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