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Re: iPhone 4S randomly not receiving or sending texts


iPhone 4S randomly not receiving or sending texts

I have an iPhone 4S. In the past two days I've missed multiple incoming text messges and at least two outgoing texts were not delivered. The three other phones are not AT&T, but one is an iPhone 4S. I saw my friends iPhone 4S & the missed incoming texts from the was sent as an iMessage with the blue bubble & "delivered" underneath.


When texting (iMessaging) the iPhone 4 on my family plan, texts will randomly have to be sent as text messages because I'll get the red exclamation mark "not delivered".


I restarted my phone three days ago & again this morning. I have sent and received other texts and calls during the timeframe. Apple support let me know this is a network issue. Thanks.

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: iPhone 4S randomly not receiving or sending texts

Fixed! I called & somehow the billing cycle removed my text plan the other day... I still sporatically received texts during that time depending on which network I was on & how the network felt about pushing through the message(s).

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Re: iPhone 4S randomly not receiving or sending texts

Glad to hear it's resolved. Checking the features on your plan is a great first step when something that used to work isn't working anymore. Smiley Happy


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