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iPhone 4 tethering problem

iPhone 4 tethering problem

I switched over to the data plan with tethering which has worked well for the past few months.

Last week while I was traveling the tethering connection stopped and now the option does not even show available on my iPhone.  I double checked my rate plan and it still shows the data plus with tethering as my selected plan.  Please let me know what I need to do to get tethering available once again.  

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Re: iPhone 4 tethering problem

Try "resetting your network settings" and see if that helps. Settings - General - Reset - Reset Network Settings.
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Re: iPhone 4 tethering problem

OK I tried the Reset Network Settings proceedure and that did not bring back the tethering option.

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Re: iPhone 4 tethering problem

I checked again and found that under general there was a setting for turning on the personal hotspot.  Once I did this and turned it back off the option show up on the first Setting menu page as before.  Not sure if I just did not notice this before or if the reset of the network settings did the trick.  In any case thank you for your help!

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