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iPhone 4 on Backorder?

iPhone 4 on Backorder?

I ordered an iPhone 4 yesterday, 9/14/10 and the status is listed as "backordered" since yesterday.  I called and was told that they have no estimated date for this to ship.  Has anyone else had this problem?  I was hoping to have the phone by next week for a business trip.  Smiley Sad

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Re: iPhone 4 on Backorder?

Not many people are reporting backorders, so it should come off backorder soon. If not, you can always check if they are available locally (in Apple or ATT stores) and its possible to cancel your order (as long as its still in backorder status) and complete the purchase in the store instead.

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Re: iPhone 4 on Backorder?

Ordered a 32gb model on Monday, received it on Tuesday.

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Re: iPhone 4 on Backorder?

I was just told the shipping time on these is about 1 month from the apple iphone support line.  I ordered the 16gb model.  They said to expect a 3 week wait time, then about 1 week to ship.  Dang. 

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Re: iPhone 4 on Backorder?

If you ordered it from apple, it is going to take longer to get there

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Re: iPhone 4 on Backorder?

I ordered it through our companies AT&T rep.  It actually just came off backorder.  The phone rep I spoke to was from Apple.  It should be shipping today or tomorrow, I just spoke to the wrong customer service person.


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Re: iPhone 4 on Backorder?

Congrats on it working out for you, and kudos for following up with us!

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