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iPhone 16GB

iPhone 16GB

My husband and I currently have the IPhone 4 8gb. We are now eligible for the upgrade. Our current iphone 4 freezes all the time and runs out of memory/storage. We have deleted apps and pictures, etc. We don't want to run into this problem with our new phones. I noticed today the iPhone 5 starts at 16gb. I want to know if it starts at 16gb because there's more in the phone and we will continue to run into the same problem we are having now or if its just more storage capacity to download more. We don't know if the 16 will be ok or if we should just go with the 32gb.
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Re: iPhone 16GB

The iphone 5 has more RAM to run programs in.  This is probably what is causing your running out of memory/storeage. 


iPhone  5 = 1016MB

iPhone 4 = 512MB


Since programer are probably prorgaming more for the iPhone 5 and have to develop apps using the tools geared for iOS 6, they could be bumping up against the RAM limits in pushing the limits on what they want to do. 


Now if you want to store more music/programs/movies than you can now then you should get the 32GB iPhone.  with either model, the programs will run better due to the larger RAM.


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Re: iPhone 16GB

Thank you so much this is what we were thinking too.
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Re: iPhone 16GB

The 32g model is what I have and I only have 9gb free space left it will incourage you to load more on it such as music and photos in my case.

Also as time goes by apps will get bigger in size as they perform more functions.

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Re: iPhone 16GB

Thank you so much for your input. We greatly appreciate it. We will definitely get the most RAM.
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Re: iPhone 16GB

jerzeygirl70 wrote:
Thank you so much for your input. We greatly appreciate it. We will definitely get the most RAM.

RAM is not the same as the amount of storage. As Wingrider pointed out, you will get 1016MB of RAM on any iPhone 5, regardless of whether it has 16, 32, or 64GB of storage. The freezing problems you experience with the iPhone 4 are probably due mainly to it having only 512MB of RAM, not because it has 8GB of storage. Your experience with the the iPhone 5 should be better no matter what amount of storage you choose. As others have pointed out, the more storage you have, the more apps, music, videos and pictures you can store. 


Another thing to remember, the smallest amount of storage on an iPhone 4 when it first came out was also 16GB. They did not make the 8GB version until the 4s came out and the reason was to give people a cheaper alternative. 

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Re: iPhone 16GB

As you can clearly tell I don't kn
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Re: iPhone 16GB

As you can clearly tell I don't know much about this kind of stuff. I have the 4 and my capacity under settings and about shows I have 6.3GB. When we got our phones we didn't know we had options, we are so glad to know we do now.
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Re: iPhone 16GB

Running out of memory is the worst feeling ever! Specially on holidays Smiley Indifferent

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