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iOS 5.1.1 Music App Issues on iPhone 4


iOS 5.1.1 Music App Issues on iPhone 4

It's good to be back at the Community for a bit. However, I have a slight issue with my recently acquired iPhone 4 that I need some assistace with...


I set up my iPhone 4 yesterday - cut my SIM card to fit the microSIM slot and activated it through iTunes. Everything went well, as I had hoped it to. Later on, I tried to play one of the songs in my library that I had downloaded fresh from my iTunes library to the phone, and for some reason, it would not play. I tried another song; same thing. I figured out that the songs would just not play, would try to play but would fail, or just skip to the next song. Only a specific 3 out of my 25 (and counting) songs would play - and they're not even my top favorites. 


I googled this issue, and figured out that I am not the only one that this has happened to. It seems to be an issue with iOS 5 in general, and users like myself are definitely not happy about it. I have tried posted solutions such as un-syncing the music from the phone, then re-syncing it (multiple times), a hard reset, and even a complete restore. It still has not worked. I have spent hours on this issue and dedicated my whole day yesterday to setting up ONE phone instead of alternating between two/three yesterday, and I am getting very frustrated. It still does not work like it should.


I thought I would try to download non-iTunes purchased music to the phone, and would you believe it; IT PLAYS! I don't want to download potentially illegal music all to my phone just to replace the songs that were purchased from iTunes that refuse to play for me. 


Help would be MUCH appreciated, as always. 

Wild Banchi

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Re: iOS 5.1.1 Music App Issues on iPhone 4

Yes, those songs would be downloaded illegally, would they not?

And thank you for your input. I did not know that I could re-download songs that were already purchased. I'll delete the corrupt songs and re-download fresh copies so that I won't have to worry about this the next time I sync my iPhone to my older laptop.

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Re: iOS 5.1.1 Music App Issues on iPhone 4

Wild Banchi wrote:
Yes, those songs would be downloaded illegally, would they not?

As I alluded to in my previous post--depends on what you meant by "download(ed)"; I've downloaded plenty of songs to my iPhone that weren't purchased from iTunes...but those were songs ripped from music CDs which I legally purchased. Smiley Wink

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Re: iOS 5.1.1 Music App Issues on iPhone 4

I have had a similar issue in the past, but it usuallly happens to me when I forget to re-authorize the iTunes instance to my AppleID, so as far as iTunes is concerned, it isn't authiorized to play thoise songs, so it won't.  Once I re-authorize iTunes (through the iTunes Store), everythign is just fine (of course, I have to re-sync the iDevice to update teh authoirizations on it too).

Jerry B.


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