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iGo Charger for iPhone


iGo Charger for iPhone

Does anyone else use this charger?  It's the one that has charging tips that can be swapped out, and you just need one charger.


I've been using one since I got the Touch 2Gen., but The Shack says I need a new tip because the old tip won't have enough power for the 4S?


A133 is the one I bought (can return), and the iGo site brings up that one for iPod Touch/iPhone, no gen. designation.


I think my current one is A61 and it was for the Touch and Phone at the time.


Is this marketing hype, or Sales wanting to rake in cash?


Can I use the old tip for the new 4S with no problems? 

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: iGo Charger for iPhone

Wanted to post back that I ended up returning the new charger-tip, and am using my old one (2nd gen. Touch) for iPhone 4S without problems.


I contacted iGo directly, and they stated that as long as it charges the phone and does not give an error message, it's good to go.

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