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e-mails with no content, can't delete


e-mails with no content, can't delete

Has anybody received e-mails that have no sender, no content, no subject and you can't delete them? My wife has been getting these for awhile sometimes as many as 10 at a time they stay in her inbox for days and eventually disappear. Yesterday a co-worker told me he is having the same issues. Anybody know what the deal is?

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Re: e-mails with no content, can't delete

Which version of iOS

Which email protocol (POP/IMAP/Exchange)

Which email provider


And no I have not seen that on imap or exchange email - sounds a lot like a problem with the provider.

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Re: e-mails with no content, can't delete

two different providers, wife is charter, co-worker is mindspring, wife is pop don't know what co-woker is, wife got her phone in Feb and has not upfdated it, don't know what co-worker's version is


FWIW I am also on charter and I don't get these e-mails on my iphone

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Re: e-mails with no content, can't delete

There have been people who have had prblems with the amil app on their iPhones where the memory was getting corrupted and the app was accessing empty memory thinking it was inbound email.  When that would happen, the email would appear much like you describe, and it would also have a 01-01-1970 date on it (or 12-31-1969).  In most cases, a quick reboot, I'm sorry, reset, of the iPhone resolves this by cleaning up the memory pointers.  I restart my iPhone an average od 2-3 times a week and I haven't seen this issue with my phone.  My wife only restarts hers about once a month, and she gets about 3-4 times the email volume I do, and she has seen this happen to her.


I would suggest having them restart their phones to see if the problem goes away.  If it does, it is probably a memory corruption issue.

Jerry B.


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Re: e-mails with no content, can't delete

Thanks GeekBoy, ironically just after I posted this I got one of the messages on my phone! First time ever for me. I will try the rebbot and see if that works. I appreciate the help!

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