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Wireless Printing


Wireless Printing

Not sure if this is the correct forum for this question, but I have a HP 309a Photosmart printer connected wirelessly to my home network (wireless router with cabled connection to computer) and my IPhone 4 is not finding the printer.  Any suggestions on what I need to do to accomplish printing from my IPhone?

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Re: Wireless Printing

Seems like your printer does not support Airprint. Read more on AirPrint here.

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Re: Wireless Printing

For unsupported printers, you may be able to work around it with software running on a PC/Mac or Linux box


This talks about Windows (and links to the Mac workaround)



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Re: Wireless Printing

Thanks a lot. Took a little doing but the link you sent me to did the trick. Is printing nicely!

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Re: Wireless Printing

I discovered Print Magic in the App Store. I have two HP printers on an Ethernet connection to my router, and this application prints seamlessly to both. The app is not expensive ($2.99) and you can buy an in-app add on for PDF files ($1.99).


There is a free app-Printer Test for Print Magic-that lets you test whether Print Magic works with your printer.

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