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Wifi Calling Problems on Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Wifi Calling Problems on Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Just curious if anyone else is experiencing the same issues...


My home calling area has absolutely terrible cell reception... switching from Verizon to AT&T and it's just a tiny bit better but that's not saying much. Still plagued with dropped calls and inconsistant reception. Needless to say, Wifi calling hasn't solved much either.... I notice that when enabled, my cellular connectivity actually drops and gets worse, not to mention no matter how close or how far I am away from the wireless router - my phone likes to bounce between wifi calling and standard cellular connectivity. Only problem with this is there's a 3-4 second lapse of any sound or noise... super annoying and frustrating. 


Tried all the normal remedy issues and it's not having any effect. Does anyone have any ideas? I am interested in the AT&T cellular boosters for my house, but not liking that I should have to purchase it since it's AT&T that's strugging getting the service that I'm paying for to me..

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Re: Wifi Calling Problems on Apple iPhone 7 Plus

My wife and I added two Iphone 7 pluses a few days ago, replacing two galaxy s5's.  Wifi calling worked very well on s5's not at all on 7 +'s (so far). We have a very poor signal at home and buying additional devices to improve signal quality when wifi calling worked on a different older phone makes no sense to me. Have it enabled on 7+'s but and it shows "ON" in settings but gives NO indication it is actually on. Wifi icon shows but on galaxy there was a little "+" inside that icon so you knew it was working ! Should NOT have to go into airplane mode to use it.  On Galaxy it would automatically be in use when we dropped 1-2 bars, which is ALL the time at our house. If we cannot get this working the phones are largely useless and will have to go back unfortunately, as we love it's other features.

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Re: Wifi Calling Problems on Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Hello @dtvnotverygood

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us on Community Forums. I can understand the importance of needing Wi-Fi calling to work on your device. I have a few steps for you I believe could fix it.

When you have the opportunity I invite you to go to our Troubleshoot & Resolve Tool. This article here has great steps to help pinpoint the issue your device is having with Wi-Fi calling. The first step would be to select phone calls and then Wi-Fi calling.

I would also recommend resetting your internet router/modem. Once you are done with resetting your Router. I invite you to go our Device How To, to reconnect your device to Wi-Fi calling. There are some steps there you can follow to make sure the Wi-Fi calling is connected correctly, when you are connected you will see AT&T Wi-Fi in the top left corner of your device’s screen.

I hope this helps, have a fantastic rest of your day!


Zach AT&T Community Specialist

AT&T Customer Care

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Re: Wifi Calling Problems on Apple iPhone 7 Plus

As far as I know, it is a Problem Many Peoples. But i am recently read wifi calling issues articles and i solved my problem via this thread : Wi-Fi calling not working on iPhone

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