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Wi-Fi usage overseas


Wi-Fi usage overseas

I have a friend that will be travelling overseas for 2 weeks and I am pretty sure that her wi-fi will be totally free, but wanted to make sure.  She does not want any roaming charges as she is not going to use the phone itself for calls or texts.  So if she just uses wi-fi it will not incur any charges correct???

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Re: Wi-Fi usage overseas

Put it in airplane mode - leave it there for the duration from takeoff in the USA to touchdown in the USA.


Turn on wifi


Enjoy. No AT&T fees for wifi (if you can find free wifi - depending on where you travel that will be hit or miss)

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Re: Wi-Fi usage overseas

Thank you for the reply.  That is what i thought, but she wanted confirmation and i have seen that answer multiple times on here.  Thanks again!!!  Smiley Wink

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