WHY is my iPhone still "In progress"?!


WHY is my iPhone still "In progress"?!

People who ordered off of Apple already have tracking numbers and have left China already. I know it's a too early to say that it wont come in by Friday, but can my package get delivered in 24 hours? I really want mine to come in by Friday. I'm a new iPhone AND AT&T user and i'd hate for everything to be delayed...

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Re: WHY is my iPhone still "In progress"?!

Cissar wrote:

I'm afraid your mistaken. Sadly it will all be under one order so if one phone is not available the entire shipment is held. Imagine the costs of mailing each phone seperately when they can all fit in one box! Glad to hear they had all your phones! Wouldn't want to be the poor sap who ordered 3 phones but had to wait until November for them.

Well, as I said, I have three separate, different order numbers and three separate, different tracking numbers. All three phones are on the same account.

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Re: WHY is my iPhone still "In progress"?!

i got an email from att along with a tracking number in it, but the tracking number's not working yet..


Not Found

No information for the following shipments/FedEx Office orders has been received by our system yet. Please try again later or contact Customer Service.

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