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Using iPhone in India.....!!


Using iPhone in India.....!!

I have an at&t iPhone , and I will be traveling to India next month. Just wanted to ask that if I unlock my iPhone in India to use it there with local carriers ,  Will I be able to use it with at&t again when I come back to US after 2 months..... ??? I want to avoid international and roaming charges of at&t as that will be very expensive ..!!!

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Re: Using iPhone in India.....!!

AT&T will not unlock iPhones for any reason.

If you choose to find unoffical methods to unlock the device, that is your choice, but AT&T nor Apple will support the device or any problems encountered as a result.

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Re: Using iPhone in India.....!!

If you unlock the phone on your own, you should be able to use it anywhere with the right SIM, including AT&T when you get back.
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