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Using EDGE/GRPS with iPad and AT&T Plan


Using EDGE/GRPS with iPad and AT&T Plan

I have a new Apple iPad with WiFi and 3G, and I've signed up for AT&T's 2GB prepaid plan.  AT&T's data coverage map shows solid dark blue where I live and work, so my data coverage should be fine there.


But I have a question concerning my plan's coverage where I vacation for a couple of weeks every year.  That area shows the lighter blue, signifying EDGE/GRPS coverage.  I do have WiFi available to me there most of the time. But if I need to turn "Cellular Data" on in the iPad's setting in order to make a connection ...


(1) does an EDGE/GRPS connection require that I also turn on "Data Roaming" in my iPad settings?


(2) are those EDGE/GRPS connections covered in my prepaid plan, or would there be additional charges for using the EDGE/GRPS connection?

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Using EDGE/GRPS with iPad and AT&T Plan

Both Edge/GPRS and domestic (withing the USA) roaming are covered by your prepaid plan.

There is no reason to turn off Data Roaming unless you leave the country.

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Re: Using EDGE/GRPS with iPad and AT&T Plan

Thank you for your response.  I had read so many "beware of unexpected roaming charges" warnings in various articles, that I wasn't aware that the warning applied only to cellular use outside the United States.  I'm glad that domestic roaming is included in my AT&T plan.

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