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Unidentified alert icon on iPhone


Unidentified alert icon on iPhone

I have an on again/off again  icon on my phone that looks like a lighted cigarette (between my Bluetooth icon and my battery power icon) .... anyone know what the heck that one means?


I can't find anything like it through an internet  or ATT site search.  This icon shows regardless of my having  3G on or off.  This icon has only appeared when I am in the city, it does not appear when I am at home (we are very much in the country). 



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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Unidentified alert icon on iPhone

Have you looked at the iPhone manual?  The symbols are on pagees 10 and 11.


What you describe sounds like the Bluetooth battery icon

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Re: Unidentified alert icon on iPhone

Eureka!!!  Didn't have an handbook, but did find the icon on the online version.  Thanks for leading me in that direction.  The "smoking cigarette" icon (I swear that's what it looks like) is for the Bluetooth battery.  I have recently purchased a new Bluetooth ear piece and this was the first time I'd seen that icon appear. 


Mystery solved and thanks for the help!

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