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Transfer data plan from iPad to iPad3 (new iPad) ?


Transfer data plan from iPad to iPad3 (new iPad) ?

I have the fat iPad vesion 1 with unlimited data plan, can I transfer it to new iPad 3 ?


Please advise.





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Ipad data- how to reconnect your data when you screwed up the email at account registration

To save some of you an hour on the phone and 5 phone calls. Lets start with my proble:  the person that connected my ipad data plan at the apple store goofed up my email address. I was receiving the data and the charge in my cc but I was never able to login into the account from the ipad. One day the data plan disconnected becausemy cc info changed and I was unable to add the data plan back becuase the email was wrong, therefore I could not even reset the password.

What to do?- call this number ( english customer service- please dont ask for other language, they answer in anotehr country and are not very familiar with teh technology) Consumer data support 1800-331-0500. They will ask for the phone number of the data plan, you can find that under Setting>general>about >cellular data number, That is the number you have to give the ATT person to locate your accoutn and help you from there. Good Luck.

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Re: Transfer data plan from iPad to iPad3 (new iPad) ?

to transfre any data plan you can us ethird party software. to do this you can use iPad backup software. it transfer any file such as music, songs, movies.


For more information:

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Re: Transfer data plan from iPad to iPad3 (new iPad) ?

Check this info: Transferring information from your current iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to a new device.


Hope this can help.



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Re: Transfer data plan from iPad to iPad3 (new iPad) ?

Yep, you can pop the SIM card in , or if it doesn't fit, just transfer the plan within the ipad.. Or on the phone with att. I have a friend with an ipad 5 with an att unlimited data plan. However he can NOT use LTE as that unlimited plan had no LTE. He's limited to 4g (aka 3.5g)

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Re: Transfer data plan from iPad to iPad3 (new iPad) ?

My iPhone, my husbands iPhone, and both our iPads are part of our unlimited cell phone plan. Now that plan follows technology over the years. So we have unlimited edge to LTE on all 4 devices. So putting your ipad in with your phone LAN can have huge benefits
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