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Transfer data plan from iPad to iPad3 (new iPad) ?


Transfer data plan from iPad to iPad3 (new iPad) ?

I have the fat iPad vesion 1 with unlimited data plan, can I transfer it to new iPad 3 ?


Please advise.





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Re: Transfer data plan from iPad to iPad3 (new iPad) ?

We will continue to offer an unlimited data plan to grandfathered customers who currently have an Unlimited Data Plan for iPad for $30/month. Smiley Happy


If you don't have an unlimited data plan, you have a choice of postpaid or prepaid (session based) data plans for iPad with Wi-Fi + 4G. Both plan types include free unlimited Wi-Fi connections at over 29,000 AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spots nationwide.


Here's the pricing:


Data Amount Monthly Price
250 MB $14.99
3 GB $30.00
5 GB $50.00

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Re: Transfer data plan from iPad to iPad3 (new iPad) ?

I called and changed mine today. The rep made sure it changed and I still had the correct plan. She was very helpful.
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Re: Transfer data plan from iPad to iPad3 (new iPad) ?

Thanks for all the help AT&T, I transferred my iPad unlimited plan on iPad 2 3G to iPad (new third gen) using 4G. I simplied called AT&T support the very kind lady helped me and I'm enjoying my unlimited plan on iPad 3 using 4G LTE. AT&T made me happy today!
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Re: Transfer data plan from iPad to iPad3 (new iPad) ?

how do i transfer my unlimited data plan from my original ipad to my new ipad 3?

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Re: Transfer data plan from iPad to iPad3 (new iPad) ?

Before I ordered my new iPad, I called AT&T's CS to confirm that my current Unlimited Data Plan would transfer to the new iPad.  I was told it would.  I then asked what exactly I needed to do to make the transfer.  The person didn't know but put me on hold to ask someone who did.  I was told that I needed to take my new iPad to the AT&T store and that they would make the transfer for me.  I thought that was odd, since I never had to take my iPads to the store before.  I was able to make the transfer from my first iPad to my iPad 2 myself online, but both of those iPads were 3G, so maybe switching to 4G required more steps?


However, to make a long story short, I decided to try it myself this morning anyway.  I powered up my new iPad (how wonderful that you don't have to hook it up to a computer anymore!) to set up and when it guided me through the Cellular Data setup, it said I could log in with my existing account, which I did and the Unliminted Plan was automatically added to my new iPad.  I then went online at


and, under Edit User and Payment Information, I changed the IMEI and ICCID numbers to my new iPad's numbers.  I then turned my new iPad off and then back on (to reboot) and now all seems to be working fine.  I checked my Cellular Data Account on my new iPad which confirms that my plan is the "DOM Unlimited MB for 30 days - LTE domestic."


All of this took about 5 minutes.  No calling AT&T and no trip to the AT&T store!


Good luck and enjoy your new iPad!!

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Re: Transfer data plan from iPad to iPad3 (new iPad) ?

I had original iPad with "unlimited" data plan. I transferred that to my new "New iPad" simply by going to setting>cellular data>turned on cellular data >selected view account and signed in with previous iPad1 data phone number and password. I was offered to select data plan for new iPad and I selected my DOM Unlimited and within minutes I had it on my New iPad. Oddly it was very easy; just be sure to select the unlimited plan you had in the menu offering.

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Re: Transfer data plan from iPad to iPad3 (new iPad) ?

Keep in mind that AT&T has started throttling unlimited data plans for iPhones at the 3 GB level ( same $30 cost of the limited plan). I would be surprised if they did not do the same for the iPad although I have not read anything about them doing so. 

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Re: Transfer data plan from iPad to iPad3 (new iPad) ?

I went a different way and visited the AT&T store. Big mistake! I had both of my iPads with me and said I wanted to transfer the unlimited plan to the new iPad and create a new account on the old ipad. The rep that I was working with had to ask how to do this. Another rep told him to swap the SIM cards. I asked if that was ok to do since one was 3G and the other was 4G. I was told it didn't matter. After the swap was done, the rep powered off the new iPad. He said to turn it on when I got home and it should be good to go. Also, I had to create a new account on the old iPad. Sounds simple enough. When I got home, the first thing I did was turn on the new iPad. A message popped up that said something about inserting a 4G compatible SIM card to continue. I then packed it up and returned to the AT&T store. I also had the old iPad with me. When I walked in, I explained that I had just left (like 3 minutes previous) and I was having an error message. I was given a different rep who tried to sugarcoat the situation. He said no, the SIM cards could not be swapped out but, of course, the reps weren't all expected to know this since this was a new iPad, etc. I asked him if they never heard of training, preparation, and so on. I told him I was close to what could be called a senior citizen and even I had the common sense to question the 3G/4G swap. All he said was nobody's perfect, mistakes were made and we had to move on. The rep assured me this could be fixed easily. Three hours later (yes, THREE HOURS LATER) it was very clear to me this guy didn't have a clue and neither did the manager who had stepped in to help! What a waste of time! Twice during all this I had suggested I just go home and call AT&T. The rep said, no, this HAD to be done in the store, face to face. He said some things could be done on the phone, some in person and some both ways. This had to be done there. The second time I mentioned it, he said it would just be a few more minutes and he thanked me for my patience. When I got impatient again, I said to just pack it all up and I would visit the Apple store. The rep said this was an AT&T issue, not an Apple issue. True, and I knew this, but I also knew a good genius won't have a problem fixing an AT&T screw up. At this point, I just wanted to get out of there. So, again, after many minutes of waiting, I was talking to my husband, and the next thing I know, the rep was packing my iPads up and saying it was an Apple issue and I had to visit an Apple store. Now its an Apple issue??? NOW? He handed me the two iPads and walked away. Bottom line? I wasted 3 hours in the AT&T store. I still have to visit the Apple store which is quite a drive for me. AND, here's the best part...I HAVE NO DATA PLAN ON EITHER IPAD!
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Re: Transfer data plan from iPad to iPad3 (new iPad) ?

I moved up from the the ipad1 to the iPad 'new' - the switch over was done directly through the account setup built in to the new retina iPad. Overnight went from 3Mbits down/.5 Mbit up ... at best using ATT 3G - to a top speed test of 57Mbits down/17Mbits up in Atlanta today. Settled down to a very respectable 30Mbits down - averaged ... AT&T, Color me impressed.
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Re: Transfer data plan from iPad to iPad3 (new iPad) ?

I followed the instructions posted by others for moving my flat rate data plan to my new iPad.  when setting up cellular service after logging in with my old account number, I did receive the unlimited plan option and selected it.  When I later logged in to check my account status, the IMEI and ICCID numbers had been automatically changed to my new iPad.   Yet, no cellular service.  Is there something simple that I am overlooking?

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Re: Transfer data plan from iPad to iPad3 (new iPad) ?

I called to AT&Ts wireless customer support to see about the problem reported in my post earlier today. I had previously rebooted the device after selecting the unlimited plan but I could not get a connection to the Internet. The additional needed step for me was simply to go to Settings, General, Reset, Reset Network Settings. I needed to do this twice for some reason but it worked after that and all is fine now using my unlimited plan. Try this if you do not get a connection after following the other posters instructions.
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