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Transfer data plan from iPad to iPad3 (new iPad) ?


Transfer data plan from iPad to iPad3 (new iPad) ?

I have the fat iPad vesion 1 with unlimited data plan, can I transfer it to new iPad 3 ?


Please advise.





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Re: Transfer data plan from iPad to iPad3 (new iPad) ?

I am also wondering about this. If they don't let me transfer it the competitors looks like the plans they have might be better. 

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Re: Transfer data plan from iPad to iPad3 (new iPad) ?

Ditto! I'm ordering the new, but need to decide AT&T or Verizon. Waiting to see if I can transfer my existing plan.
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Re: Transfer data plan from iPad to iPad3 (new iPad) ?

I also have an iPad v1 with the unlimited data plan. In the area I live the competitor much better coverage than AT&T, specially with LTE. So if AT&T won't transfer my data plan I know which carrier my iPad 3 will be with.

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Re: Transfer data plan from iPad to iPad3 (new iPad) ?

Multiple articles quote AT&T spokespeople who have said those of us who have unlimited data plans for iPad WILL be able to transfer them to the third generation iPAD and have an "unlimited" 4G LTE plan. I put "unlimited" in quotes because it seems they have the right/will probably eventually plan to "throttle"/slow down data if we go over 5GB in a billing period. That's still a pretty good deal though as we'll be essentially be getting the $50 5GB plan for $30 and those who have the $50 plan will still have to pay $10 to get more after that limit and we'll get more over the limit just slowed. (I've got to say I use my iPad a lot and I never get anywhere near 5GB a month anyway.)


I transfered my unlimited plan from my 1st generation iPad to my iPad2 last year. I know some people just switched out their SIM cards and it worked; but I called AT&T.  They need certain information that can be found in Settings under General: Cellular Data Number and IMEI and ICCID for the new iPad. (I see a few threads down someone stated they had called and was told the unlimited plan *couldn't* be transfered from a 1st  generation iPad to an iPad2. I know for a fact this wasn't the case because I guess I was lucky enough to get someone who knew what he was talking about and knew exactly what to do back then. So if this happens when you call to transfer your plan to the third generation iPad, just hang up and call again until you get someone who knows.) I'm not sure if swapping the SIM cards will work now or not since it's the 4G LTE network. (Admittedly, I'm not so tech knowledgable.)


One other thing: I gave my first generation iPad to my mother and when I tried to set her data plan up I couldn't because the SIM card was "fixed" to my plan and of course, couldn't (didn't want to anyway) put my plan back on it because it was on my (then) new iPad. We called AT&T and was told we would need a new SIM card for the iPad 1. We also were lucky to get a slightly over helpful AT&T employee who gave us the scoop that we could get the new SIM card at either an AT&T store or an Apple Store but the AT&T store would probably charge us for it while the Apple store would probably give it to us for free. We went to an Apple store and they did give us a new SIM card for free.

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Re: Transfer data plan from iPad to iPad3 (new iPad) ?

Oh forgot to post link on article about grandfathered unlimited plans:



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Re: Transfer data plan from iPad to iPad3 (new iPad) ?

OK, this is very useful info, dumb question, I have Ipad 1 with ATT unlimited. I want to do transfer as promised. But I want to pre-order new Ipad through Apple now. Should I order through the Apple site and select ATT and as my carrier? If so what do I do about having to select a data plan or can I skip that step. Any insight welcome.

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Re: Transfer data plan from iPad to iPad3 (new iPad) ?

Key question seems to be, since it is 4G does that require a call to ATT to move a grandfathered plan from iPad2(or 1) to the new iPAd? 


No more microSIM swap?

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Re: Transfer data plan from iPad to iPad3 (new iPad) ?

I don't think you need to even call AT&T. Check this site out. Log in, enter info found under " settings" and that should be it. https://dcp2.att.com/OEPNDClient/Logout
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Re: Transfer data plan from iPad to iPad3 (new iPad) ?

We will continue to offer an unlimited data plan to grandfathered customers who currently have an Unlimited Data Plan for iPad for $30/month. Smiley Happy


If you don't have an unlimited data plan, you have a choice of postpaid or prepaid (session based) data plans for iPad with Wi-Fi + 4G. Both plan types include free unlimited Wi-Fi connections at over 29,000 AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spots nationwide.


Here's the pricing:


Data Amount Monthly Price
250 MB $14.99
3 GB $30.00
5 GB $50.00

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