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Re: Tracking Number is Not Working

Tracking Number is Not Working

Hi! I ordered a new phone yesterday. I was sent a confirmation, then an email giving me a tracking number for one of my phones. When I click the link it takes me to a UPS site and then pops up stating that it is an incorrect tracking number. How can I get a new number to track the phone?





Can you tell I am anxious for my new phone?? Smiley Very Happy

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‎10-15-2019 11:55 AM

Re: Tracking Number is Not Working

Likely the number is correct.  It was assigned by AT&T, but UPS hasn’t picked it up and scanned it into their system yet.


Also, are you sure it’s a UPS number?

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Re: Tracking Number is Not Working

Well, you were right. It was a UPS number because the link I got in my email took me to their site. But I must have been trying to look at it too quickly as the same link is now working. So, for anyone wondering, when you get the link, give it a little bit to actually work. LOL.


Thanks for your help!

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