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Text message monitoring?


Text message monitoring?

BEFORE I get all of the flip (and I believe uninformed)  "trust your child" comments I have read in previous posts let me say this: 


I trust my kids.  I don't trust other people's kids.




1.  My kids know the phones they use are MINE. 

2.  It isn't their right to have a phone, it is a PRIVILEDGE

3.  They know at any time I can, will and have read through their phones/messages.  They are not to expect privacy

using MY phones.

(Do you remember being tethered to a wall and having to talk to our friends in FRONT of our parents!?!) 

4.  I follow them on fb, instagram and whatever other social medial they are using. 

5.  They never have their phones in their rooms overnight.  (Best advice I was ever given regarding phones as almost 

all drama and "bad" stuff happens after 10 pm.  No phone, they avoid it all!)


My 4 kids make really good decisions for the ages they presently are.  I have seen inapporpriate information and comments coming across from OTHER people's children and depending on the maturity level of mine, they may or may not know how to handle it.  


THEREFORE, it is my repsonsability as a parent to know what they are having to deal with to help guide them through that.  I HAVE BEEN THANKED by my 14 year old daughter for caring enough to check her phone.  TWICE.  For instance, she had stumbled across some horrible stuff trying to defend a friend's reputation and was so happy that I found out about it, that I protected her from further nastiness, and that I talked it out with her, explaining how she could and should have protected her own eyes from what she saw. 


All this said, I have an insane activity schedule with these 4 amazing kids and am finding I don't have enough time to go through their phones at the end of the day when all I want to do it go to bed. 


Scanning what their friends are sending them would be helpful whenever I have a moment to do so.


Can I do this on AT&T in any way? Are there any apps out yet that will allow me to do this? 


I don't want to move to ANDROIDS because Apple won't get with the program and make an APP.  BUT, I will do whatever it takes to make sure they are safe from what isn't good for them/anyone.  Trashy skanky behavior by teens isn't just GIVEN behavior we parents have to "just accept".  It is either allowed or not allowed...


Thank you ahead of time for reading through this and giving me helpful answers and not comments on trusting my children

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Re: Text message monitoring?

God Bless You for trying to be a responsible parent! I wish there more parents were like you and myself. I have all of the same rules and more. I spot check their phones with the online account and if there are texts missing from their phones than their phone is gone. I have not seen an app like what you are looking for yet.
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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Text message monitoring?



The ONLY program for iPhone that doesn't require a jailbreak.  YAY!!!





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Re: Text message monitoring?

Copy10 is ideal for parental monitoring..
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Re: Text message monitoring?

Copy10 requires iPhone jail-break

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Re: Text message monitoring?

You MUST have your child phone in your hand!! You must know their APPLE ID and password.  This is not possible as aparent of a teen to get this information!!!! Not a helpful solution.

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Re: Text message monitoring?

I strongly recommend you to try TheOneSpy parental control for Android and iPhone devices. Currently using for my 13 years old daughter and much satisfied from this app.

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