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Text/Data Support for iPhone 4S


Text/Data Support for iPhone 4S

I have been trying to resolve an issue with my daughter's iPhone 4S for the past 2 years, but have not had any positive or productive results. Previously I paid $30/month for unlimited text/data services; however it seemed like I was paying for a duplicate service so I discontinued it & upgraded to the promo offered of 10GB shared data for family plans. ISSUE: My daughter (young adult) has an iPhone 4S (I have the Note 3), but she states she cannot receive/send picture (sometimes text) messages if her data is not turned on. Problem is "eating-up" the majority of our family data plan. ATT local reps have been providing me contradictory feedback & so does chatting online with ATT. I've been told: "with iPhones, your data needs to continuously be on to utilized text services because it uses data to send/receive these messages" or "she can send/receive both text & picture messages if she turns-off something on her phone" both suggestions have not worked well as she misses some important/urgent messages with her data being turned-off. Also, she lives in a remote area & do not feel comfortable if her data is off & she cannot send out a message if an emergency arises. Can anyone help me? Any constructive advise? - DESPERATE...
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Re: Text/Data Support for iPhone 4S

Normal texting (SMS) will work whether cellular data is on or not. However, picture messages (MMS) does require cellular data to work. Any picture message sent or received won't count against your data plan but cellular data must be on for MMS messages to work. IMessage on the other hand, will count against your data plan if sent over cellular data and that goes for any iMessage whether or not it includes a picture.

If your daughter's phone uses up all the shared data when data is turned on, she must have a number of data hungry apps set to automatically consume data. There are ways to control that. Turn off push notifications, make sure iTunes and App Store are set to not use cellular data, and make sure the iPhone is not set to send diagnostic data to Apple. There are other things that can be done but that depends on what apps are using up the data.
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